Friday, January 08, 2010

January 8th, 2010

tn_2010-01-07 Marlowe I am not amused. My mom has decided that a good interim fix for my owies is to make me wear my robe. Usually, wearing my robe is a good thing—it is warm and it covers my feet. (Shirley is wearing it in this picture to protect her whiteness from dirt.) But now Mom won’t roll the sleeves up! She says that the sleeves can protect my paws from being rubbed up against rougher things. I think I look silly! She says that she is going to go shopping this weekend and maybe she can find something else to help the problem. I hope so! I don’t want to sit around looking like this!

Our hunt for a Wisconsin bear-doctor is not going well, but I am not discouraged yet. The lady who we emailed has not replied, so we’re crossing her off our cyber list. We have found several teddy bear conventions or expos, but most of them seem to be at high schools and the like—and without the aforementioned website. But like I said, we’re not discouraged yet. My paws aren’t going to get any worse any time soon, especially since Mom will keep a better eye on them now!

tn_2010-01-08 Roscoe, Baxter, and Boris (4)

I would like to introduce some new friends that Mom bought at the store that she works. They are supposed to be gift card holders, but Mom liberated them from their gift card holder decorations! It turns out that the little tan bear’s name is Baxter, and the little moose is Boris. (They’re from the Boyds company.) They thought it was humorous to get their photo taken with one of our largest bears, Roscoe. They are about the same size as Roscoe’s paws! I would guess that Robinson’s bear, Stegner, is actually smaller! It’s amazing that as bears—and plushies, we come in so many different sizes and colors!  We all look so different! But we’re all still teddy bears and plushies!

Marlowe II


  1. Sorry to hear that your hunt for a beardoctor isn't going well. I hope you have a good solution soon. and the robe doesn't look silly on you I think.

  2. Hi Marlowe!
    I like your new friends! G. says that she feels sorry that we live so far away from you because she's no bear doctor but some years ago she made teddybears herself so if she could see you for real that she might be able to help but you're to far away... She looked at the website that you put in your post a few days ago but she thinks that those "recovered" bears look to new. She thinks that old bears are allowed to have bold patches or little repairs because that's the history of the bear. Her own bear from when she was a baby (40 years ago) is still sitting in her workingroom and has bold patches too, perhaps I'll post about him this week, then you can see him! I hope your mom finds a good way to help you! Big hug, Hammie

  3. Hey, Marlow! My Do it yourself hamster is ready!!!! Look at my blog!