Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29th, 2010

A few days ago, Mom took a few of my friends and me into the kitchen so she could cook supper. When we sit in the kitchen all together, we usually watch a movie. This time, we watched a TV show that Mom had bought at work. When she was a teenager, there was this show on the Food Network called Two Fat Ladies. It’s a British cooking show. The two ladies who were are on are very funny—and they cook food with lots of calories and butter. Mom says that since she shouldn’t eat the food, it’s much better to watch it being made on television!tn_2010-08-26 Watching TV (5)_edited-1

I think it is a pretty funny show. I don’t quite grasp all the British humor, but I guess I haven’t watched it enough. We are finished with the first disc now—the first six shows. One of the ladies unfortunately passed away after twenty-four shows.

But now Mom can watch it over and over again. It turns out that it is also on the Cooking Channel now—but we don’t get that channel. Mom says that Good Eats is still probably her favorite TV show, but Two Fat Ladies is a very close second!

This clip is about alcohol, but Mom thought she should connect to something that was legally uploaded! (Acorn Media are the people who make the DVDs.)

I hope you are all having a great day. Mom took some pictures today that we will post later in the week!

Marlowe II

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 28th, 2010

Oh, things have been so quiet around here. Mom has been busy working, but she has this weekend off. A few days ago though, she took me out onto the porch and took some more pictures. She wants to post my picture to her DeviantArt  account. The picture needs to be top quality to make it on there, so we’re going to take lots of photos until we find one that makes us both happy. Here is one of the first session.tn_2010-08-25 Marlowe Outside (2)_edited-1

Mom likes the bokeh in this photo. Bokeh is the shiny, misty background—the grass in this photo.

tn_2010-08-25 Marlowe Outside (5)_edited-1

In this one, she likes the way the light is.

tn_2010-08-25 Marlowe Outside (12)_edited-1

I like this one because it shows my shadow. Mom says that it isn’t lighted properly, but I don’t care! She says that I can post whatever pictures I want on my blog since it’s supposed to be about fun, not criticism! We will upload the rest of them to my Picasa album, and you can go and look at them. Which of the first two do you think is the better? Hm. I think it’s hard to decide!

Marlowe II

Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20th, 2010

This post is going to be image heavy because we received a package from Build-a-Bear yesterday! Robinson and I received new outfits!

tn_2010-08-19 Robinson (4)_edited-1

This is my friend, Robinson. He’s really not an urban skater, but the outfit was on clearance on their website. This outfit has the added benefit of having drawstring pants—because he’s a very slender horse. Most of BAB’s pants fall off him—or they would if they weren’t held up by his tail! (It’s not a problem I have—I’m much more stout!)tn_2010-08-19 Marlowe and Fedora_edited-1

My new fedora! Isn’t it snazzy! It really doesn’t fit me very well, but I don’t care!

tn_2010-08-19 Marlowe and Giraffe Shirt (2)_edited-1

Mom didn’t see this shirt in the stores when the Zoorific collection was out. We both love giraffes, so she wanted this shirt!

tn_2010-08-19 Marlowe and New Backpack_edited-1 My new backpack!

tn_2010-08-19 Marlowe and Bedding (2)_edited-1

And my new bedding. I’ve coveted Emmi Jade’s bedding—and once I saw that BAB was going to have bear sized bedding, I wanted that just as much! It’s sports themed, which really isn’t my thing, but it’s better then the pink girl stuff! Now I have to talk Mom into buying me the bed!

tn_2010-08-19 Group Photo_edited-1

And finally, a group photo of everyone who came downstairs to see what was in the package! I love all the presents!

Marlowe II

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16th, 2010

Yesterday, my mom finally remembered to buy some greeting cards to send to my internet friends! She bought them and brought them home for me to pick!

tn_2010-08-14 Letter Writing_edited-1 She bought six cards because we have five international stamps and one friend who lives in the US. Well, we have two friends who live in the US, but only one address!

tn_2010-08-14 Letter Writing (2)_edited-1Here I am with a pen to start writing in them. Mom writes the messages, but I sign my name. It takes me a while to write, so it’s easier that way. So some of you will have a card to look forward to! Mom thought that it would be better if we left it as a surprise! I like nice surprises, so I agreed!

For the past two days, the weather has been incredibly nice. Mom has to work, so we didn’t go outside. But I did get to see some beautiful skies from the window!

tn_2010-08-14 Morning Skies (3)_edited-1

Do you ever look up and try to imagine shapes in the clouds? Sometimes I do! I have seen boats, and flowers, and trains. These clouds are too wispy to see anything in them, but they are still scenic! These clouds are called cirrocumulus floccus. Mom showed me pictures of all the different kinds of clouds, and we are going to try to spot them. It will be a nice, calm way to spend some time outside!

Marlowe II

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12th, 2010

Another quick post—because Mom mentioned something about tomorrow being Friday the 13th! I don’t know if I am a superstitious bear or not, but I think it’s best to err on the side of caution! I don’t have much to report anyways. The weather has been so incredibly hot lately for my mom that she doesn’t want to take me outside. And then she rambles on and on about something called mosquitoes, so I just agree to stay inside. We did venture out on the porch early one morning to show off my mail!

tn_2010-08-10 Marlowe (3)_edited-1 I got two lovely postcards! I do love getting mail. They were from Sullivan and Hammie!

tn_2010-08-10 Marlowe (6)_edited-1 And I received a very big package in the mail that contained a new book and some postcards! This is a book by Tat’s dad, Mr. Reardon! They are a part of a website called Bears on Location! I talk to Tat online via BearPlace! The book is about a pair of teddy bears that looks for treasure! I enjoyed it very much!

Mom wants to go to bed now, so I am going to end it here. I hope everyone is doing all right—and I hope the weather will cool off so Mom is more willing to take me outside! (Or she will take some other pictures inside!) Talk to you all later!

Marlowe II

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August 4th, 2010

This is going to be a short post, because Mom says, that despite the fact that it is kind of early, we ought to be going to bed soon. Mom said that work ran her ragged, so she is tired. But we wanted to show you our newest find at our house!

tn_2010-08-02 Sunflowers (5)_edited-1

A pink and yellow sunflower!tn_2010-08-02 Sunflowers (6)_edited-1

A yellow and orange sunflower!

Mom noticed a few days ago that there were a few sunflowers in bloom in our garden. At the BearPlace, we are having a sunflower growing competition. I fear that it is probably going to be a very narrow field of contestants. It seems to be unfriendly growing conditions for sunflowers in Europe this summer. It’s winter in Australia! That seems to only leave me and Spaulding and his family at Teddy Bears' Den.

tn_2010-08-02 Marlowe (2)_edited-1

This is the tallest sunflower right now. You will have sign up for BearPlace to see the photo of how tall it is in my garden. We both hope that we will get much taller sunflowers as time progresses! Last year the were REALLY tall!

Mom wants me to tell you all that she is going to write everyone back on Friday. She has been very lax in responding to people, so we are going to sit down and email everyone on then!

Talk to you all later!

Marlowe II