Tuesday, January 01, 2013

January 1st, 2013

tn_2012-12-20 Christmas Tree (11)

So, I guess I ought to start out by saying Mom and I are really sorry that it’s been so long. Mom helps me write in my blog when she’s feeling creative, and that hasn’t happened in a very long time.

We try to keep my blog happy. There really hasn’t been a lot of happy around here. Mom’s been feeling rather flat lately. She says that it mostly has to do with work, with a smattering of feeling rather useless. Working retail during the Christmas season is never fun, and it surely did not disappoint this year.

tn_2012-12-20 Christmas Tree (7) 

She tends to want to be by herself during these times, and it certainly is not helping. We spend a lot of time sitting and playing on the computer—which mostly consists of reading things online and tending to her family tree.

She tries to remember that we have some really great friends online, and ought to spend more time talking to them. The nice people at the Bear Club auto-mailed me a happy birthday email and it almost made her tear up! The Christmas cards that I’ve been receiving have done the same thing!

We’re going to try for one post a month right now. Mom is going to help Wren with her blog a little later in the month as well. Here’s hoping that this works out!

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