Monday, January 04, 2010

January 4th, 2010

tn_2010-01-03 Marlowe and Woods I have a new friend to introduce and a question to pose. My new friend is a TY Pluffie. His name is Woods and Mom bought him at the bookstore that she works at. He said that he appreciated being picked up by an adult—he said that he had been hauled, tossed and otherwise manhandled by many little kids when he was at the store. He said that he is a much more serious bear and enjoys just watching as things happen around him. He knows that some bears like living with active children, but it’s just not the life for him. I told him that we’re a pretty laid back bunch and he said that was great.

My question to pose is on a more personal note. tn_2010-01-03 Marlowe's PawsA few days ago, Mom noticed that I am wearing a bit thin on my paws. It’s not serious yet—it turns out that I have two layers of fabric on my paws. But there are small holes on both of my paws.  I have weighted paws, so it’s very important that there are no holes. Mom was wondering if anyone would know what she could do to prevent it from getting worse. She knows of a person on the internet who fixes teddy bear ouchies, but she doesn’t want to send me away for a long time. She is thinking of making me mittens lined in something very soft or silky that wouldn’t give much friction. It would  be just a step to prevent it from getting worse while she figures out what to do. She thinks that she could replace or patch my paw fabric, but she doesn’t know what to do because the owie is so close to the edge of the fur. I’m currently wearing the sleeves of my sweatshirt as close to the edge of my paws as possible to protect them. I’m not a vintage bear, but I am very loved by my mom—and she wants to make sure that I am in one piece for a very long time.

Marlowe II


  1. Widget and friends might know. and leave a comment somewhere. Think they're UK based but they may know of someone near you.

  2. Hi Woods! I can understand you're not into overactive kids. I myself stay far away from them too,

    As for the paw problem: I wish I could help, but I wouldn't know a good solutions, good luck anyway.

  3. Hi Marlowe, You new friend looks very nice, i'm sure you'll have many interesting conversations about books and suchlike.

    I think mittens for your poorly paws sounds like a good idea to me.

    Take care, Lynda

  4. I can understand that your mom doesn't want to send you far away for a long time. here in Holland there sometimes are beardocters at bearcollectors fairs. They take care of the bears at the fair so you don't have to go away... Some dolldoctors help bears too I think... Hope your mom finds someone to help you, mittens are to warm when it's summer again, don't you think?

  5. Marlowe,
    My mom & I were looking over the Bear doctor and her hospital you mentioned. Mom is wondering if she might be able to help my nose and a few bare spots on my neck. I'm not wanting to be away from her for a long time either. PA is a long ways away from home. I wonder how long hospitalization would take?
    Your friend,

  6. I am sorry to heer abowt yor owies! I did not kno! I hav been offline for a wile. Sorry! Perhaps if yu pull yor sleevs rite down over them...?