Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20th, 2010

tn_2010-01-19 Reading Chester's Way (4)Mom brought a book downstairs tonight. It is called Chester’s Way, and it is by a gentleman named Kevin Henkes. Kevin Henkes is my mom’s favorite children’s picture book writer. He writes books like Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse and Owen. I helped Chloe read the book for a while tonight. It is one of my favorite Kevin Henkes books. Chloe prefers the ones with Lilly as the main character—I think she wishes she could be that spunky! Mom wouldn’t allow that though! Chloe can read a lot of words—which is very good considering she is only three years old. I helped her with some of the bigger ones. She liked me reading passages out loud.

tn_2010-01-19 Reading Chester's Way Mom made a group on the Bear Place a few days ago about books. She took our pictures so she could post a little story of sorts on there. I think she should bring more books downstairs so we can read more books to show on there!

Our hug seems to increase in bursts because Mom rescues Build-a-Bear plushies from Goodwill. When she finds one, if they’re not a species of BAB that she already has, they come home to our hug more often then not. Sometimes, they come home no matter what!She says that she can’t afford to bring home too many from the BAB store, but Goodwill’s prices are much more in her range. Some of the new, smaller plushies come from the place that she works. She gets a discount there. It doesn’t happen often because the plushies that are there don’t ask to be brought home. I am glad that as a bear, I don’t have to worry about money!

Marlowe II


  1. I love reading, luckily my owner does too, allthough she buys too many girly books I think.

  2. We took a look at the Build-a-Bear website and realy like the idea how they work, specialy that they put a heart with good wishes inside!!! Our favorite childrensbooks are 4 books by Patrick McDonnel. They are also known as Mutts. We didn't know that but Sullivan's owner told us a few weeks ago. We love the pictures and story about the dog and the cat and their friends!! G. has a lot of childrensbooks because she is a teacher and doesn't want to surch for her favorite books at school so she buys them herself so she can read them anytime she wants to her class. She also has a collection of books about King Arthur! I love the story of King Arthur!

  3. Lovely pictures of you and Chloe! :O)