Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30th, 2010

tn_2010-05-29 Comforting Mom_edited-1

My mom has been having a ‘Bad Time’. Things are mostly back to normal, but the threatening ghost of the ‘Bad Time’ is clouding things. We have spent a lot of time, in her room, trying not to get to ‘Worked Up’ over things we cannot control. I have been providing Mom a lot of moral support and she says that she is very glad that I am her bear. We have been through some tough times together, and she award me with my very own badge! She says that it is kind of like an online version of a trophy. I am glad she spent some time making me such a pretty thing! (She says that it is her Photoshop Elements skills for those people who know what she is talking about.)Cherished Companion Comfort Badge Marlowe_edited-3

She says that she will make a badge for anyone else if they would like one and are willing to message Mom. She can make it any color and can try to find a suitable clipart for you! She says that she likes sharing! We are going to go and have some quiet time!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25th, 2010

tn_2010-05-23 Fleur, Robinson, Carabella, and Caleb_edited-1

A small Caleb and Carabella update! They must have had some time to talk, because now they will sit near each other. Caleb still has not told me what is happening, but I am glad that they are getting over it. I was worried there for a little bit! I don’t like it when plushies in my hug are mad at each other! Maybe Robinson or Fleur has given them some advice! They all have been spending a lot of time together while Mom is at work!

It has been incredibly hot here in Wisconsin for the past few days at approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 degrees Celsius.  As an indoor bear, it hasn’t really bothered me too much. But as a bear to a human who goes outside, it ends up affecting me. There is air conditioning here at home, but obviously not outside! The air conditioning at the place that Mom works is malfunctioning at best, so it makes her a rather cranky Mom. Yesterday morning before she went to work, we spent the entire time curled up under the blankets with the fan on full blast. I am glad that I am a bear who does not need to go outside! I’ll go out any time she wants me to, but I don’t have to!tn_2010-05-19 Mums (2)

As long as we water them, the plants and flowers have been really happy with the heat. Mom and I took this picture of a chrysanthemum. The flowers have been blossoming, and the plants have been growing. This past weekend, Mom’s parents planted the garden when she was at work. I did not get to help, but she promised to take me out there so I could see the work they did in the next couple of days. Now I will have to be patient and wait for everything to germinate!

Marlowe II

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20th, 2010

tn_2010-05-20 CarabellaWe have a new friend here at our house. This is the first time that the bear in question wasn’t exactly glad when Mom took her out of the bag to introduce her to all of us. Well, she wasn’t really mad—she just didn’t expect to see one of my hug!

This is Carabella. She is a Chadsworth Russ Berrie. Mom found her at Goodwill a few days ago. When she got out of the bag, she saw Caleb, and she frowned! Neither of them will really explain why or how they know each other! Caleb, who usually loves to get his picture taken for my blog, only very hesitantly accepted to be photographed with Carabella.tn_2010-05-20 Caleb and Carabella Mom says that we shouldn’t make them tell us—but that they will tell us when they feel like it. Both of them say that it isn’t anything terrible, but that they just don’t want to talk about it! Right now, Caleb is uncharacteristically stuck at my side, while Carabella is spending time with my friend, Fleur.

At first, I thought it might be that Caleb was peeved that Mom brought in a new friend his size that he would have to share clothes with, but Mom mentioned that she has plenty of girl clothes for her. Carabella does not want to be a travel bear, so it’s not that either. We will have to wait and see what they say!

Marlowe II

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15th, 2010

tn_2010-05-15 Marlowe and the Boys Sitting on the Porch_edited-1Yesterday, Mom took me for a walk to the gas station. She says that I technically entered the gas station, although it was in her backpack. The last time we went for a walk, she went to a park and took me out and I had a nice time in the swing. This time there was a lot of small children around, so Mom didn’t. But I enjoyed the smells and the nice weather anyways!

Today, on the other hand, we went outside! It was time to water the plants on the porch. Mom mostly always takes me when she does things on the porch, and sometimes she takes some of my friends. Today, she took Taft, Cleveland, and Briggs out! Taft and Cleveland were all for it, but Briggs wanted to stay inside and take a nap. Mom and the rest of us convinced him that he ought to go outside to enjoy the nice weather, and he begrudgingly agreed. He ended up enjoying himself, I think—although he is a serious fellow and keeps his emotions close!

tn_2010-05-15 Tulips_edited-1 I know the rest of us had a lot of fun. Mom won’t let us too near the water hose—she says that bear fur and water don’t mix well—and I don’t want to risk any bath or laundry time! She did let me near the camera, and we all discussed and arranged the flowers to take the best photos! We also decided that Mom needs to start planting the plants and flowers that she bought before she should buy any new ones! She’s got quite the backlog!

It’s getting closer to gardening time. The weather has improved over the past two days, and Mom says that it is a good sign that we are getting closer to summer! I want to go outside and plant the vegetables we have and get lots of produce to eat! I can’t wait!

Marlowe II

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12th, 2010

Things have been very gray around here. The average temperature for the past couple days has been around 45 degrees Fahrenheit or 7 degrees Celsius. Most of the plants we have bought are living inside until it gets consistently warmer at night. It actually looks kind of funny—it looks like a garden nursery in our laundry room!
My friends, Spaulding and Teddy, posted some pictures of the progress in their garden. Since the progress in my garden is either biding time in the laundry room or outside in the dark and gray, I thought I would post some pictures of the flowers that we had out on the porch.
tn_2010-05-01 Peppermint Stripe Germanium_edited-1
This is a peppermint striped geranium. It has been changing colors as different flowers blossom in each cluster.
tn_2010-05-01 Tulips (6)_edited-1Mom’s favorite flower is a tulip, and her favorite color is purple, so she likes these flowers especially. When they opened, they revealed a lighter purple inside. It was very pretty.
tn_2010-05-03 Tulips (4)_edited-1 
I like this tulip the best. I think the red color is especially pretty. It is kind of shiny. These tulips were of some of the first to blossom and they are gone now. Mom says that when they all finish blossoming, we are going to put them in the flower bed on the side of the house so we can enjoy them in future summers!
I hope you liked the photos! I hope that the weather will change here in Wisconsin soon so we can share some gardening photos!
Marlowe II

Sunday, May 09, 2010

May 9th, 2010

tn_2010-05-09 Sky in Oconto Falls (2)_edited-1 It’s been pretty boring around here, so we haven’t posted lately. Mom has been working, working, working—and does not have a lot of time for adventures. Today, she traveled to where her grandmother lives to have Mother’s Day dinner at a restaurant. I did get to go with her, but she did not take any pictures of me when we were there. While her family was in the restaurant, Caleb and I played around in the car—read Mom’s books—and listened to music. Mom’s ipod is a very useful little thing!

Gardening season is near. Mom says we cannot plant the garden until the nights stay warmer. It has been very close to freezing the last couple of days—and that’s not good for the baby plants or seeds. I am looking forward to planting! My friends from BearPlace and I are going have a sunflower growing contest. Since some of our friends are from Australia, it will be mostly a sunflower growing watch! (It is getting to be winter there.)

Mom found some local postcards, so now I have to convince her to go and get some international stamps so I can send them out!

Marlowe II