Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 20th, 2013

Things have been pretty quiet here. We're still trying to find a new puppy, and we still miss Princess. There is a puppy in Illinois that Mom found. We're trying to make an appointment to see him, but the lady seems to be very busy.

tn_2013-04-16 Robinson and Marlowe (2)

A few days ago, Mom took Robinson to Build-a-Bear to get new clothes. Robinson doesn't fit clothes very well, and Mom had an idea to bring him with to make sure he fit them. She got talking to the very nice manager lady, and she put more stuffing inside him! (Robinson doesn't know, but he might go back to get some of the stuffing removed, because he's a bit too firm now!) Now, Robinson can sit up on his own!

Mom went to Build-a-Bear to bring home a new friend. When Mom was a little girl, she loved My Little Pony. She is amused that it is so popular now! One bright side to this is that there is very cool things to buy! We welcomed Rainbow Dash, a MLP BAB into our hug!

She seems like a very nice girl, and we're all looking forward to getting to know her!

We tried posting this with Blogsy, but Mom either quite hasn’t gotten the handle of it, or it’s just not going to make the posts as pretty as Mom wants them to be. So we had to redo it!

Marlowe II_thumb[3][3]

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