Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29th, 2010

So my Mom and Caleb went to the EAA yesterday and took a lot of pictures. Mom has been quite the shutter-bug once she got a 2GB memory card for her camera. She now has a 4GB one—which will hold over 1,000 pictures—even with her new camera!

The EAA, which stands for Experimental Aircraft Association, is actually a museum in a nearby town called Oshkosh. Every summer, they have what they call an Air-Venture Fly-in, where hundreds of people fly their plane there and they celebrate and show off their planes. It is a big thing in our area.

 tn_2010-07-28 043 EAA AirVenture_edited-1

This plane was INSIDE the museum! Mom and her parents bought their wristbands inside the museum and had to wait in line for a while.

tn_2010-07-28 060 EAA AirVenture_edited-1Mom liked the old planes the best. In fact, most of her pictures were the older planes.

 tn_2010-07-28 083 EAA AirVenture_edited-1

They got to go INSIDE this plane! They paid five dollars per person to take a short tour through a very tiny space! She thought it was amazing that eight people worked in such a little space for so long under such extreme circumstances!

tn_2010-07-28 081 EAA AirVenture_edited-1The nose of the plane!

tn_2010-07-28 084 EAA AirVenture_edited-1 

A place for one of the people who operated the machine guns.

tn_2010-07-28 085 EAA AirVenture_edited-1

One of the machine guns!

tn_2010-07-28 089 EAA AirVenture_edited-1

Some ammunition. (Mom says that it is probably fake.)

tn_2010-07-28 091 EAA AirVenture_edited-1

Another machine gun.

tn_2010-07-28 082 EAA AirVenture_edited-1

One of the two propellers!

tn_2010-07-28 207 EAA AirVenture_edited-1

You know how in the Snoopy cartoons, he fights the Red Baron? Well, this plane is painted like the real Red Baron’s plane! It’s a kit plane, which means that they put it together, but it is still really cool.

tn_2010-07-28 218 EAA AirVenture_edited-1

The insides of the plane.

tn_2010-07-28 334 EAA AirVenture_edited-1 And she saw the Good Year blimp!

tn_2010-07-28 245 EAA AirVenture_edited-1

And lots and lots of planes take off! She said that it was a lot of fun and wishes that I could have went with. I like plane—not as much as I like trains, but they are still very cool. I hope you enjoyed our pictures!

Marlowe II

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26th, 2010

Not much is happening around here that is worthy of posting about. Instead, I thought I would share some of Mom’s pictures from her recent trip to a nearby zoo. It is called the Northeast Wisconsin Zoo, and it is in Green Bay. She didn’t bring me—she says that I am too big to be carried all over the zoo—although I told her that I am much lighter then her camera or her purse!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (9)_edited-1 These are koi, or Japanese carp. They were in a landscape/waterfall type thing, so Mom was able to get good pictures. I am not sure if she likes them because of the way she can get the nice pictures or their shininess!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (16)_edited-1This is a tortoise. Mom liked this picture because he was looking at her. Her new camera does a lot of things, but does not zoom in very well yet. (She needs to buy a new lens for it.)

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (34)_edited-1 This little critter is a prairie dog. They lived in an exhibit that didn’t have a fence on top of it, so Mom got to take this pretty picture.

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (24)_edited-1 This is Lucky, an albino alligator. Mom took this picture through the glass of the enclosure. She thought he looked kind of creepy floating there!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (38)_edited-1 This was one of Mom’s favorite parts of the zoo. These are trumpeter swans. The adult swans produce a flock of babies every year that get released in Iowa to increase the wild population. This year, they did an especially good job of raising the babies! There are eight of them!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (68)_edited-1 This is Blossom, a moose. She lives in an area overlooked by a building built up on pylons. You can watch her wander around her enclosure.

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (102)_edited-1 This was by far Mom’s favorite part. At this zoo, you can walk up a ramp to another building built up on pylons and feed the giraffes! She fed them some leaves!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (127)_edited-1This is Hodari, the male giraffe. He was a lot more impatient with the wait for the leaves. He paced around, and came to the building and looked around for the entire time that Mom waited. He was also first in line for the leaves when the zoo lady finally showed up.

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (125)_edited-1 And this is Zuri, the female giraffe. She waited in the back until the zoo lady showed up. She was equally happy to eat the leaves though, but she was much more lady-like!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (151)_edited-1 And last but not least, the zebu. Mom likes cows and their relatives, so we have a lot of pictures of him. He was willing to eat the petting zoo food Mom got, but only if Mom hung over the side of the fence!

I hope you like the pictures! Mom has been busy with work lately, and does not have the energy to take me outside or other post worthy adventures! On Wednesday, she’s going to the EAA—so maybe we will have plane pictures to post!


Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19th, 2010

Greetings, everybody! How are you all? Things around here have been quite all right! I am glad that we live on top of a small hill though! It’s been raining a lot around here, and there are some places that are flooded. Not exactly Mississippi level flooding, mind you, but still standing water! The place where my mom works had their parking lot flooded on the night when it was raining! We had quite the creek running through our backyard after it was all done!tn_2010-07-15 Creek Running Through Back Yard (6)_edited-1

The area where we live used to have marshes and swamps surrounding it. As more and more people moved out to the country, they filled in the swamps and the marshes to make more land that was suitable to house building. Unfortunately, that took away the land that the water used to soak into. So now we get overflow—and creeks running through the backyard. Upstream—and further up the road, one person had their entire side yard filled with water! It doesn’t bother Mom and her family too much, because all that gets washed out is grass, but she is sure that it probably irks the people who live upstream because it probably kills their trees!

tn_2010-07-14 Lindera and Tilia (2)_edited-1 Our newest friend here at our house is really not a part of my hug. Mom found her at Goodwill. She bought her for Tilia! Now she has a friend. It turned out that her name is Lindera. She is another Liv Doll.  Tilia lent her some clothes, and they’ve been talking ever since. Tilia seems to enjoy having company! Mom says that they both think that she ought to invite a boy home! (Mom doesn’t think that’s going to happen, but don’t tell them that!) Neither of them seem to be too interested in being travel companions (Tilia was bought to be a travel doll, but it didn’t turn out!), so Caleb doesn’t have anything to worry about. Tilia doesn’t want to mess up her hair, and Lindy seems to be a little worried about getting too far away from Tilia at this point! I’ll post some more pictures later. Tilia likes to get dressed up and have her picture taken, and I would guess that Lindy would too. Sigh, sometimes, girls are so predictable!

Mom says that I have to go to bed now, so I’m going to go upstairs! I hope you all are having a great day! Talk to you later!

Marlowe II

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15th, 2010

Today’s news is that last week, my Mom took me to the local zoo. It’s a little zoo that we live down the road from. She didn’t take me out of her backpack, but I’m working on that. I thought I would share some of the pictures that she took. I live down the road from these animals! They’re all in cages, so I’m certainly not afraid of them. It’s just a strange idea!

tn_2010-07-09 Special Memories Zoo 078_edited-1A zebra—Mom loves horses and their cousins, so she was happy when this one turned out so nicely.

tn_2010-07-09 Special Memories Zoo 082_edited-1A lion! This one made Mom happy because in spite of the bars of the cage, you can still see him very clearly. Some of her photos of animals in cages didn’t turn out right.

Mom’s favorite part of the entire zoo is the petting area. She loves farm animals, so it is as close as she can get to some of her favorite critters!

tn_2010-07-09 Special Memories Zoo 211_edited-1 A miniature cow!

tn_2010-07-09 Special Memories Zoo 193_edited-1 A pot-bellied piglet!

tn_2010-07-09 Special Memories Zoo 196_edited-1

A domesticated female mallard. (Female mallards are her favorite kind of wild duck, so this makes her happy to have such a pretty picture.)tn_2010-07-09 Special Memories Zoo 221_edited-1These are Swedish blue ducks.

tn_2010-07-09 Special Memories Zoo 195_edited-1

And finally, a Pekin/Call duck cross. Mom says that it’s probably not either all alone because she was a rather big ducky with a small-ish beak. These things make her happy, so I just nod!

Over the next couple of days, she’s going to post more pictures at her deviantART account (and on facebook) if you would like to see the rest of them. These were with her new camera!

Next time, I will tell you more about some mail I got. Mom has to take photos first—but we will post them as soon as we can!

Marlowe II

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13th, 2010

Today’s news is a little less dramatic! I have a new shirt! I am mentioning this because it’s a very cool shirt—it has a dinosaur on it! Mom found it at Target in the baby section!

tn_2010-07-07 Marlowe (3)_edited-1 It says ‘munch-a-saurus’! I like the teeth! Nom nom!! Mom says that it is trying to be a T-rex! ROAR!! I do like dinosaurs! Maybe not as much as I like outdoor nature things, but they’re awfully cool to read about in books! It’s hard to imagine that they roamed the same earth that we’re on millions and millions and millions of years ago! Do you like dinosaurs?

Marlowe II

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11th, 2010

I have lots of news to share. I have decided to spread it out a bit. The first is that I got a package from Beanie a few days ago! It made me very happy! I love getting mail and packages! Mom says that I get more good mail and packages then she ever would!

tn_2010-07-07 Marlowe's Package (3)_edited-1 Ta-da! My package!

tn_2010-07-07 Beanie's Present 02_edited-1Princess, our dog, decided to help. She is always very interested in things that come in the mail. Or in bags from outside. Or pretty much anything she can stick her head inside and sniff.

tn_2010-07-07 Beanie's Present 03_edited-1Here we are after Mom opened it. Princess is making sure she approves of everything inside!

tn_2010-07-07 Beanie's Present 05_edited-1

Look at the beautiful bag! It has all sorts of cool things inside like pencils and paper! I was very impressed! Mom says that we will try our hand (or paw) at making a card and post our results!tn_2010-07-07 Beanie's Present 06_edited-1

Isn’t it pretty! And it’s even Mom’s favorite color, purple!

tn_2010-07-07 Beanie's Present 01_edited-1And a postcard! Yeah!! We all thank Beanie and his Mom for the great present! We are gathering our own package to send back!

Marlowe II

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

July 6th, 2010

Boy, it’s hot and humid where I live. I am glad that I am a mostly indoor bear. Mom has tried to take me outside when she wants to take pictures. Unfortunately, the lens of her new camera fogs up with all the humid air!

tn_2010-07-05 Marlowe and Pearl_edited-1

This is my new friend, Pearl. Mom found her at Goodwill. She is the first Build-a-Bear pig that has come to live with us. Yesterday, Mom showed her Sullivan’s blog, and she was very interested! We’re not quite sure if they are cousins or not, because Pearl is so much bigger then Sullivan! We figured that there’s got to be some kind of plush porcine brother/sisterhood no matter what! She has been getting along with some of my other barnyard friends like Fleur and Opal. Mom says that we will possibly take some pictures tomorrow of everyone having fun. (Since we can’t go outside and take pictures!!)

Mom is really tired after a day at work, so we are going to go to bed now! Talk to you later!

Marlowe II

Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4th, 2010

tn_2010-07-02 Tiger Lilies Outside Ted's Grandview (9)_edited-1 Happy Fourth of July, my fellow Americans!

My friend, Eldritch the dragon, although with Kolo Martin, posted a meme-like thing consisting of five different questions to answer. I decided to answer the questions that Eldritch posed! I do love memes!

1) How old are you (in human years)?: I am six years old in human years, although my mom and I say that I am always eight years old.
2) If you could go anywhere in the world that you've never been where would you go?: I think that I would like to go to England to meet my friends from BearPlace!
tn_2010-06-30 Pink Day Lily (3)_edited-13) What's your favourite thing on TV?: I love the Food Network like my mom—especially the show, Good Eats!
4) Food or sleep?: Hm. That is a hard decision. I really like chocolate, but I really like naps!
5) Do you have any lucky charms, and if so, what are they?: Hm. Mom says that I am her lucky charm!

The picture is of a white tiger lily. My mom saw it at a restaurant that they go to every Friday. It was in the middle of hundreds of orange ones. Since orange is the color that they usually come in, this was a mutant flower!

Mom was taking pictures of a pink lily and we thought a while about what was our favorite colors and why. Mom’s favorite color is purple, while I think my favorite color is blue. I admit that I also like purple because flowers really don’t come in blue that much, so I mostly see purple ones! What is your favorite color?

Marlowe II