Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24th, 2010

Mom brought a group of us downstairs to sit with her on the couch today. We’ve been talking about all sorts of things. Mom is copying CDs to her computer for her Mom. (She then transfers the songs that her Mom wants onto her computer. Doing it this way gets her the tracks and gives all the tracks names. Her mom’s computer can’t get on the internet yet. It’s a long story.)

Mom has been uploading pictures of my friends and family to Picasa. She had previously uploaded one picture of each of the plushies that live in my hug as a catalog of sorts. Now there are more pictures of the plushies that are close to me.  It gave me an idea to take some photos of my own. Mom has two cameras, so she borrowed me one. I am going try to do a photo story here, much like the ones I see in the blogs I read every day.

So first of all, Mom lent me her old camera.

tn_2010-01-24 01 Taking Pictures We then adjusted it so I could hold it better. It was kind of heavy!

tn_2010-01-24 02 Adjusting the CameraI chose Opal for my first photographic subject. When we were cataloging and uploading photos, we discovered that we had the least amount of pictures of her.

tn_2010-01-24 03 Arranging Opal It took us both a little while to figure out how we wanted the photo to look like. Finally we agreed on a pose that made a picture that ended up looking like this!

tn_2010-01-24 04 Taking the Picture  Pretty good for my first photo! Opal liked it too, so I moved on to other subjects!

tn_2010-01-24 06 Group PhotoThese are some of my friends sitting on the couch talking. Foster reminded me that we didn’t have many pictures of him either—although it has more to do with the fact that he’s newly arrived in the grand scheme of our hug! But I took his photo anyways!

tn_2010-01-24 Ambrose, Foster, and Milton  Ambrose was sitting next to him, so it became more of a photo of both of them. I’ll work on the zooming thing next time!

I hope you liked my first photographic foray. I liked being in charge of the camera! Mom’s always taking pictures of me! These photos are really by me like the watermark says! Pretty cool!

Marlowe II


  1. Hi Marlowe!
    We've been beary busy hunting up that pic we were looking for! This morning we found it!

    GrowlerUK on flickr found a bear and had him restored
    I'm not sure where you live, but maybe they can get you in contact with their bear repair person who might be able to help you, or get you in contact with someone?
    Best Wishes! We really loved seeing all the pics of everyone today, and everyone dressed so nice.

    Bear hugs,
    Robert Bear and Christiana
    on the Moor

  2. You can play wtih a camera and take pictures! That's so cool! I do that too sometimes, but only if G. doesn't look, because I'm not allowed to play with her camera! We all like taking pictures here at our house!

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