Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29th, 2009

I recently got a comment about my ‘Little Monster’ t-shirt—and Mom thought she would share where she buys most of our clothes. Some of our fancy clothes come from Build-a-Bear, but most of our sleeping clothes come from Goodwill. (The ‘Little Monsters’ t-shirt came from Target though!) Most of my Build-a-Bear friends and I can fit baby clothes—mostly preemie and 0-3 months. The ‘Little Monsters’ t-shirt, for instance, is folded up under the edge so it looks like it fits me better. Milton’s pajamas though fit him without any alteration. Mom likes it when she finds baby clothes that we fit because she says that they wear better. I’m not quite sure what that means, but she says that you might.

tn_2009-07-29 Ruby (2)_edited-1 I thought I would introduce—or reintroduce my friend Ruby. She was my little sister Chloe’s friend first, but we get along just fine. She’s a Build-a-Bear bunny much like our new friend Migu Jade. Ruby loves listening to classical music, reading books about princesses and rabbits, and singing. She also likes to wear fancy bows on her ears. We get along so well because we both like music. While our music tastes differ some, we can talk a long time. Ruby was Mom’s very first Goodwill rescue. She saw her in the Easter plushies! Mom said that it was fate that she saw her there and didn’t pass her up! I’m glad that Mom found her there! She’s a real good friend to Chloe. Sometimes, Chloe, Ruby, and Fleur can talk for hours and hours and hours! It keeps us awake until Mom tells them to quiet down!tn_2009-04-12 Easter Rabbits_edited-1

The other picture is of Ruby and some of her bunny friends. The lad on the left is Perth and the other girl is Dinah. We’ve got a few other Build-a-Bear bunnies around here. The next time we have a photo session around here, Mom can take a picture of all of them. Ruby is definitely the leader among the bunny plushies. She can sometimes get kind of bossy—but don’t tell her that I said that!

The weather is definitely getting colder around here. There is a frost advisory for our area tonight. The plants on the porch are covered up, but if it does freeze that would mean the end of the garden. Mom says that we’ve had enough produce to last us for a while, but I do like seeing the plants grow. Mom has been spending a lot of time outside for school, but still hasn’t seen a tree that has changed to red. She’s seen a few trees that have red and green on them though. That might have to be good enough!

Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25th, 2009

Greetings! We’re all more awake and ready to blog around here today. Mom is feeling much better and much more willing to help me type the evening away.  She says that the problem before was merely staying awake for the entire time that I wanted to type. It takes me quite some time to type! I’ve gotten better since I’ve been blogging more often. While it’s not as fast as Mom types, it’s much faster then the hunting and pecking thing I was doing before.

The book that we wanted to share with you is called Waddle! and it is by a gentleman named Rufus Seder. It is on Amazon.com among other places. The pictures move when you open the book and close it. The author has two other books, Gallop! and Swing! but they’re both in black and white. Waddle! is in color! Apparently this gentleman has a company where he sells his art!

tn_2009-09-25 Tilia (3)_edited-1

This is our new friend. Her name is Tilia, and she is a Katie Liv Doll. Mom didn’t know if we should announce her arrival here, since it’s just plushies on here, but I told her that I didn’t mind. She is the only doll in a house full of plushies, so we’re working making her feel welcome. Mom has sort of wanted a poseable doll such as Tilia for a long time, but she was unable to afford the fancy ones that star in some of the blogs that we read. A while ago, on one of the mailing lists that we read, there was a mention that these were coming out! So she ordered one and she’s here. It didn’t take as long as some of the adoptions that we read about, but it was a long enough wait!

tn_2009-09-25 Getting Out_edited-1Caleb took her out with him when Mom went out for Friday night fish and I am afraid it didn’t go too well. She really didn’t like the ride in the purse. She says that she would much rather go for a trip in something a lot more sturdy. Caleb didn’t quite understand why she would care so much—since going on a trip is so exciting. Mom explained to him that sometimes, for girls, keeping tidy is more important than any kind of adventure. Sometimes, I don’t understand girls! I’d love to be able to go out to supper with Mom, even if it’s just in a backpack! I would love to go for the car ride alone! Not to mention all the cool things that would be at the restaurant! But Mom says that everyone finds different things fun, and Tilia doesn’t want to get all messed up! At least Caleb still wants to go. He thinks that all the tumbling around is part of the fun!

tn_2009-09-25 Marlowe_edited-1 This is me in my new shirt. Mom bought it at Target. For a moment, I thought she meant that I was a monster, but she says that it’s just a funny thing. I like the little Frankenstein creature that is the ‘O’ in monsters! Do any of you dress up for Halloween? I don’t have a Halloween costume exactly—I have plenty of t-shirts and the like. One of my bear friends, Sanna, has a Halloween witch costume that I will show you one day. Bentley, our new kennel pal friend, has a glow in the dark cape. Hm. I think those are the only Halloween costumes we have! Maybe we’ll have to fix that! Maybe I could be a wizard for Halloween! Or a firefighter! There are lots of possibilities! Maybe Mom will buy me the Iron Man costume at Build-a-Bear! That would be pretty sweet!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24th, 2009

Things have been pretty quiet around here. For the past few days, Mom’s been sick. She says that she has the flu.  We think that she’s mostly just tired, because that’s all she did—sit on the couch and sleep. I don’t mind at all—I get to spend the whole day with her! But now she feels better, and we’re hoping it lasts. Mom’s much more prone to help me blog when she feels better.

tn_2009-09-21 Bentley_edited-1 We do have one important thing to note. A few days ago, Mom went shopping and came home with a new friend. While it is not as many new friends just arrived at our new friend Buttons’ house, he’s still a big deal to us! His name is Bentley, and he’s a Portuguese water dog kennel pal from Build-a-Bear.  Mom thinks that BAB picked a Portuguese water dog due to the fact that the First Family has a new puppy named Bo.

Mom says that we need to go to bed. She’s got to go to work tomorrow morning, and wants to be well rested. We’ll blog more tomorrow—we have a brand new book that we want to share with you. Frankly, I think it amuses Mom more then it amuses us, but I thought maybe you’d want to share it with your humans in your life!

Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18th, 2009

tn_2009-09-18 Marlowe and Milton_edited-1Fall is in the air here in Wisconsin. It is not supposed to get over 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the next couple of days. I like colder weather—many more cuddles that way under lots of blankets. I love sitting under lots of blankets! It’s so nice and toasty warm. Granted, I don’t mind summer because that means that we can go outside and garden! I guess I do like most seasons of the year, because I can think of good things about spring and winter too.

A new friend of mine, Bob T. Bear, posted a comment on my last post with an idea about keeping a tally of different things in my new journal. This led Milton and I to thinking about things that happened around here with enough regularity that I could keep track of them.

  • Mom loses TV remote and has to spend ten minutes looking for it.
  • The number of times that the dog climbs on the couch and then gets off.
  • The number of times that the dog unplugs something related to the computer when she walks past.
  • The dog wants to go outside.
  • The number of times that Mom checks her Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, and email in one day.
  • How many books Mom brings home. (We wish this would happen more often.)
  • The number of times that we watch Good Eats with Alton Brown—it’s our favorite TV show.
  • The number of cans of Coca-Cola Mom drinks in one day.

I’m sure that we’ll come up with some more things to think about. Mom also spotted some Iron Man stickers at Target the last time she went, so maybe she’ll buy those for me and I can decorate my journal too. Mom’s got all sorts of scrapbooking things around here, so I’m sure that I can make it really spiffy. Or maybe I should go with the incognito look—maybe no one will think it’s anything important. I will have to decide.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16th, 2009

tn_2009-09-16 Marlowe and his Journal (4)_edited-1 I have some exciting news today! Mom went shopping today and came back with a journal, just my size! She says that I can write in it instead of posting on here—I sometimes have something to say, but don’t want to post it since it’s just a little thought! I can’t say that I have anything to write that’s too private to post on here, but I do have plenty of little bear-thoughts that I don’t want to bother you all with! So now I can have my very own book to write in. They came in packs of two, so I have another one for whatever I want. Mom says that writing my school-work in it would be a good idea. (I write it on pieces of loose leaf paper now.)tn_2009-09-16 Marlowe and his Journal (2)_edited-1 I think it would be cool to see the progress that I make throughout the school year. Mom says that I will soon be able to start writing things in cursive. I am sure that there will be a big difference between my first attempts and after a couple pages of practice.

I had trouble thinking of what to say, but once I started, words came quickly! It didn’t take me very long to fill the entire page. Mom had to help me spell a few words. I didn’t make any mistakes though that we had to go after and fix. I still think I will write it in pencil. It’s much neater when you have to worry about your fur getting dirty. I don’t want to have to wash my hands after every time I want to write in my journal. Ink spots are unsightly!tn_2009-09-16 Marlowe and his Journal (3)_edited-1

I don’t know if I should hide my journal. I don’t think I have anything that I don’t want my siblings and friends to read, but it would still be strange if I found out that anyone read it! Do you think I should hide it somewhere? There are plenty of hiding places around here. Robinson, who is my best friend, says that I should hide it. He says that I should hide it so no one can write in it. He says that all that blank paper would be too tempting!

I was thinking about having a travel journal—sort of like a travel teddy. I could write something in one that talked about where I lived and what happens around here. And then I could mail it to a new teddy and they could write something in it about where they live. There were plenty more of them at the place that Mom bought mine—or we could use a bigger notebook so it would be easier for the humans who have to help us write in them. Or maybe a blank book from the place that Mom works. Do you think that this is a good idea?

Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14th, 2009

Just a quick note—since we really ought to be going to bed! Mom had a pretty full day at school, plus she returned with a whole new sheet of chemistry problems to complete. tn_2009-09-09 Rush Lake Field Trip (1)_edited-1

Our attempts to find a tree that has turned red is not going well—but Mom says that it’s merely the beginning of fall, so we’ve got some time yet. She is keeping an eye out for us when she is going on her field trips for school. She’s got this week off the trip, but is going to a forested area the week after that. I hope she can find one to show me.

This is a photo of where she went last week. It’s a place called Rush Lake. It’s more of a marsh—that big green and yellow field is actually the marsh itself. The government around there is trying to make it look like it did in the olden days—when it was half marsh and half open water. Mom got to listen to a guy talk about the project that is going to make it work. We thought that you might like to see that picture, although it doesn’t have much to do with the plushies who live here!

Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet. We’ve been reading some books that Mom brought home from work. They’re about a goose named Gossie and her friend named Gertie. The one that we have is just called Gossie, and it’s about how Gossie meets Gertie and the fun they share with Gossie’s red boots!

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th, 2009

Mom has today off from work! She says that it has something to do with the Labor Day holiday, but I’m not going to complain. Things are much more interesting when Mom’s around. She’s much more able to get us different books to read, different television channels to watch, and different things to talk about!

Image from Wikipedia Commons Today we were talking about fall. I like trees, and I like it when they change colors. Mom explained to me why trees turn different colors and it’s very interesting.  Most of our trees in our front yard turn yellow. Some of them just turn brown. Mom says that trees can turn red, orange, or yellow. I want to see a tree that turns red. I’ve seen pictures of them on the internet. Do the trees where you live turn any pretty colors?

The apples in the small orchard in our front yard are turning colors now too. Mom says that some of them aren’t meant for eating—some of them are meant for making into pies or applesauce. No matter what they’re meant for, I think it sounds good. We were going to go outside to the orchard today, but she fell asleep by mistake. Since I fell asleep too, I really can’t be too angry!

My job as homework bear is going well. She has been doing all her homework on time. We spent some time today doing homework. While I love learning, I’m glad that teddy bears don’t usually have a lot of homework. We do have classes sometimes—we all help each other learn new things. Milton and Fleur, who are older then me, help some of the younger plushies learn. But on the Bear Club, one of my friends has to go to school every weekend for five hours! On both days! The school even has a website and a teacher. He looks kind of scary to me—but Mom says that he’s probably a very nice fellow. I’m glad that my mom and friends are my teachers!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

September 9th, 2009

A few days ago, Mom had Chloe, Foster, and myself downstairs to watch television and read books together. I thought that we should get our picture taken together! Foster is my older brother and Chloe is our little sister. Please pardon the clothes—it was late at night and we were mostly ready for bed! tn_2009-09-07 Marlowe and Siblings_edited-1 I think you can see the similarities between Foster and I, but not Chloe too much. Mom says that it is probably a good thing—you wouldn’t want a girl bear to look too much like a boy. Chloe says that she takes after our mom’s side of the family—and we obviously take after our dad’s. I really don’t know how that works, but I guess it really doesn’t matter.

On the Bear Club website, there are monthly photo challenges. There are ten different things, each given a difficulty factor. Mom says that we probably won’t do all of them but it is fun to try. This month’s photo challenges range from getting your photo taken next to a grandfather clock (which is one that we did) to getting tickled by an older person. It’s kind of fun to see other bears’ photos! Some of the bears get to go outside—one of them got to go to a fair to get their picture taken on a fair-ride! I would love to go to a fair! Have any of you been to a fair? I would love to be able to se the animals! I don’t think there would be wild bears there, but there would be plenty of different farm animals. I do like horses, cows, and poultry.

Monday, September 07, 2009

September 7th, 2009

tn_2009-09-04 Ted's Grandview (2)_edited-1Yesterday was very quiet. I admit that I like quiet days the best of all. Especially quiet Sundays. Mom and I worked on her homework during the morning, but she had to go to work in the afternoon. When she was gone, Robinson, Milton, Foster, Caleb and I mostly just sat on the couch and watched the world around us. We watched a little TV. We like watching the History Channel, especially the shows about the Civil War. I have to admit that I took a pretty long nap in the middle of the afternoon because it was so quiet!

And then Mom came home, and we checked our email and other various computer related things. She got woken up by her allergies this morning. She decided that this would be time well spent composing an entry for my blog, and I agree!

This is a picture of the Wolf River in Wisconsin. Doesn’t it look peaceful? I like sitting outside. I like the water, although I do admit I stay a respectably distance away from it. Teddy bears and water don’t mix well! Maybe I can go out in a boat. If I have a seat to sit on, I won’t fall in. Hm—maybe I can have a seat that I’m buckled in! That would be better!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September 2nd, 2009

One of the nice ladies at Build-a-Bear told her that a wolf was coming there soon. The lady said that they didn’t know what they were going to look like. About a week ago, Mom asked her mom if she would notice the new plushie at BAB, and it turned out to be the wolf! tn_2009-08-31 Timber (2)_edited-1 Yesterday, Mom adopted our newest friend, Timber. He looks like quite the ‘trendy’ dude in his picture! He is from the World Wildlife Foundation series of plushies. Mom has quite a few of them. We have Charlotte the giraffe, Zambia the zebra, Lennox the lion, Garnet the cheetah, Daisy the Bengal tiger, Edwin the leopard, and Eira the snow leopard. Mom will soon take a picture of all our World Wildlife Foundation buddies.

Mom bought me a new shirt when she went to BAB. It has a wolf on it. She also bought me a really cool backpack. It’s more of a shoulder bag. She says that she will take my picture wearing them and post it for another day.  One picture a day is enough, and I’m sure there will be a time that Mom wants to post but can’t think of anything to say.

Do you like to go outside? I do—I love gardening. Mom has been at school and work a lot lately, but on next Monday she has the day off from both her job and school for the holiday. We’re making plans to go out to the garden to pick vegetables. I wish I could help plant, but Mom says that I can’t get too dirty. Maybe next year I can help plant the different flowers that are in pots on the porch. Princess goes out to the garden to help plant. Mom says that she doesn’t help plant as much as supervise the planting. I’m not quite sure what that means, but maybe I can supervise the planting next year!