Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17th, 2010

tn_2010-01-16 Crocus, Walnut, and Cornflower

We had some new arrivals yesterday. Mom found them all at Goodwill. The pony is Crocus, Saffron and Hyacinth's cousin. The bear is Walnut—a very dapper looking fellow. Finally the tiger is Cornflower, named for her soft blue eyes that you can’t see very well. They are fitting in very well here. Crocus is a little bit shy, but is glad to find some of her relatives here. Mom is going to introduce Cornflower to some of our other cats—like Daisy the Bengal tiger and Eira the snow leopard. She hopes that will ease the move into such a big hug! Walnut, on the other hand, seems to fit right in and is very sociable. He has already made friends with Roscoe and they are discussing soccer—Roscoe’s favorite sport. (Roscoe fancies himself quite the soccer player, but I think he intimidates any of the other plushies who will play with him. He’s an awfully big fellow!)

tn_2010-01-17 Cornflower and Eira Meeting (2)

Mom took a photo of the introduction today. They seem to be getting along well. We worry sometimes that new hug members won’t feel welcome, but there is almost always someone who will take the new member under their supervision and make sure that they feel welcome! Mom is in charge of making sure they have something comfortable to wear, and then one of us introduces the new plushie to the rest of the hug. We don’t expect everyone to remember everyone’s name! That’s what Mom is for!

We spent the evening watching Mom play on the internet. Are there any websites that you like to visit? tn_2010-01-17 Group Photos (3)Mom lets us go to the BearPlace and the Bear Club often. We read our blogs that we are subscribed to via Google Reader. She will also let us look things up on Wikipedia.   Mom has plenty more websites that she checks. We check Mom’s mail, go to Mom’s Livejournal, and check her Twitter feed. We also check her facebook page often.

I like browsing on the internet. Mom does not let me go online by myself. She says that there are things on the internet that are not meant for small bears. I am glad that I found all these blogs to read. She will let me read blogs by myself! I usually need help posting on my own blog. My patience with typing isn’t very long!


Marlowe II


  1. It looks like you get new friends every week! That's cool!

  2. Getting new friends/housemates is cool!

  3. Our favourite sites are blogs by friends like you and Hammie and Sullivan, and other artists like Art Propelled and the Altered Page.

  4. Our favorite sites are the blogs in my bloglist, so that means you and all my other friends! G. has her own photoblog and together with Harr she has two websites with photos from our village Stadskanaal and about Groningen (the capital of our province/department, where Coco and Sullivan live). Harr has his own photowebsite too. They love making photos! very curious about Twitter but she doesn't understand how it works... Things like Hyves are not her kind of thing to do...

  5. Hey Walnut looks fun!!
    As for the internet, I like to vizit my pals' blogs. I am home for a few days an tryin to catch up wiv this! Sumtimes Mummy duzz shoppin online, an Daddy reeds abowt our football team, Gillingham. Wen he duzz that I like to sit on his shoulder.

  6. Hewo Marlowe!
    Dilly be happy Marlowe get new frends!
    Cornflower look pwitty.