Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Story

My name is Marlowe Theodore Bear. I am a teddy bear-- a boy teddy bear to be exact. I am six years old in bear years. I live with my mom in a house on top of a hill. I have a sister named Chloe and many friends. My mom lets me play on the computer sometimes. I go on the internet-thingie and see all these teddies who have written their life stories on their web pages. Mom says that I can write my own and post it on my blog!

I don't really remember a lot of my babyhood. The first thing I remember is sitting on the shelf of the plant store that my mom's mom bought me. Mom says it was called Steins. I remember watching some my brothers and sisters leave-- and I was waiting for the right person to pick me up and bring me home. It was lonely on the shelf waiting, but I knew that there had to be someone out there for me. I was very glad when my mom's mom picked me out of the teddies to bring me home. She then put me in a box and wrapped me up. I didn't understand why I had to go back into a box. It turned out that I was going to be a Christmas present for my mom-- although I didn't understand exactly what that was yet!

I spent a few days inside the box. It was somewhat stuffy in there, but I could hear all sorts of interesting things happening around my box. Mom finally opened my box and welcomed me into her family. She named me Marlowe after a character in her favorite book! Then my big life as Marlowe Theodore Bear started!

Mom and I connected right away. She says that there was just something about me. I say it is my cuteness, but she says that it was something deeper then that. She says that from the very first day that I slept with her at night, she slept more soundly. She says that I comfort her when her day goes bad-- I tell her that is part of any teddy bear's job. She tells me that I do an especially good job at it. I tell her that she does an especially good job of taking care of me!

I like all sorts of different things. I love books—I will read about almost anything. I especially like books on cars, trains, and planes. My favorite book right now, although I know it has nothing to do with any of them, is Make Way for Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey, mostly because I like ducks and I like the idea of going and visiting the statues in Boston some day. I also like looking at atlases and maps—I like to plan trips that someday Mom and I might take. I especially like my Mom’s gazetteer, because I can pick out which road we live on! I like going outside and listening to the birds and feeling the breeze. Sometimes, Mom takes me out to the garden and I get to help her play in the dirt. I also like taking pictures of Mom’s pretty flowers. I listen to all sorts of different music with Mom and watch movies with her. I especially like the Disney movie Cars! I browse the internet with my Mom, generally looking for new books to read, new websites to browse through, and new blogs written by other plushies! The only sport I really like is baseball. Someday, I want to go and see a game! I mostly like to spend time with my Mom and my friends!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 15th, 2007

We're back!!!