Wednesday, January 06, 2010

January 6th, 2009

Today is a lazy day. Mom has the day off work, so we’re going to spend some of it lounging on the couch. She does have some things to do, but she doesn’t have to go to work!tn_2010-01-06 Browsing Online

We have decided to make mittens for my paws, and seek out someone to patch them up. Hammie and a few other of my friends have given Mom great ideas. We have found a lady in Milwaukee online who restores and makes teddy bears, but she hasn’t emailed us back. There has to be more people in Wisconsin that make and restore teddy bears, so we’re not worried yet. We’re currently combing through the event listings on the Teddy Bear Review magazine’s website, trying to find a teddy bear convention somewhere near. I don’t quite understand how you can have a convention or gathering such as one without some kind of website. Does a mere mention in a magazine really bring that many people? I mostly just want more details, but they’re all website-less! I guess I’m rather addicted to finding information on the internet!

I have been spending some time on the BearPlace. It is a very nice website. I like the Bear Club but BP has forums. The BearPlace also allows posting comments to pictures. I like the clans and the graphics on TBC, so I’m not going to move totally to TBP. I also like the photo challenges on TBC, but they don’t seem to be continuing them! They said that the would continue them after they moved their website to a new server, but they still haven’t. Oh well. Not like I need any excuse to take pictures!

Marlowe II


  1. Good luck with the mitten making and I find it hard to believe too, but there are still lots of people who don't use internet for information

  2. There must be someone around that can help you Marlowe! I'm sure about that!

  3. Looking at your paw I wonder if the pads could be removed with a seam ripper gently, and new pads put on using an invisible ladder stitch? I've never replaced pads, but I've fixed seams around our bears' pads before...