Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26th 2009

Today I am going to introduce my best friend, Robinson. Robinson is a floppy pony II from Build-a-bear. Mom bought him a long time ago, and he's been with our family nearly as long as I have. He was Mom's second Build-a-Bear. Robinson and I hang out a lot. tn_2009-01-24 Robinson and Stegner_edited-1We like talking about cars, books, and trees. Robinson really likes to know the names of the different kinds of trees we can see from our windows. He knows silver maple, apple, pine, and plum. He hopes that one day Mom will take him out somewhere with more kinds of trees!

Robinson has a cousin named Friday that I'll introduce on another post. He's only three years old, so Robinson spends some time each day trying to keep him out of trouble. Mom says that sometimes it's easier to keep out of trouble ourselves then keep Friday out of trouble and I agree! Friday really doesn't listen to reason, but Mom says that is because he is just a baby. I don't understand why that should be an excuse!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11, 2008

Mom has found a little bit of time to blog here today! I am becoming more and more fond of this Windows Live Writer thing. While I'm not sure I understand it all, it's still awfully cool. I always did like Mom's LiveJournal client. Everything was all in one place! Now I've got a program just like that!

Today I thought I would tell you about my sister, Chloe. She's the second bear to join our family. Mom bought her from Build-a-Bear, way back in 2006. She is a Curly Teddy II. I'm not quite sure what that means either, but Mom says it's important. tn_2009-01-07 Chloe_edited-1 Chloe is 3 years old, and likes to play with our siblings, who I will talk about later. I love my little sister, but I am glad that she has other plushies to play with. Sometimes she can be really loud and runs around. Mom says that she's got lots of energy and that is a good thing-- but I don't know about that!

Chloe likes all sorts of girly things. She likes unicorns, horses, and sparkly jewelry. She likes it when Mom buys her new clothes. She loves the bows that Mom puts on her ears. She wishes that they could be sparkly! Mom won't let her get her ears pierced until she's much older, so sparkly bows is as close and she's going to get!

She also likes having books read to her. Her favorite book is Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, by Kevin Henkes. I admit that that book is one of my favorites too! We've read it so many times that Chloe can say almost all the Lilly parts all by herself-- even though she can't read very well yet!

Next time, I will tell you more about my best friend, Robinson. He's the next plushie that came into our family so he comes next!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

January 6th 2009 Part Two

I have re-entered the blog world. Mom updates her own blog every single day, so I am hoping that we can at least do every single week. When we first started out, we did a pretty good job of updating. Things just got in the way, but hopefully now with this Live Writer thing, we can update much more often! I've got plenty of pictures to share. There are a lot of new friends here, and new things have been happening. Mom has been finding a lot of furniture at thrift stores just our size, so we've got quite a few chairs now! There have been quite a many vintage clothing finds, although most of them are for the girls. Mom finds doll clothes at thrift stores too, and some of them are probably from the 1960s or 1970s-- although we don't really know. I think it's pretty cool-- something has lasted that long that we plushies can use too!

Another thing that has come to our world since we last posted is Webkinz. Mom is really into it and she lets me watch. Mom has a lot of Webkinz, and spends a little time each day tending to them. Since we're actually in her world, rather then the cyber world, I don't begrudge the time spent on Webkinz rather then my blog. I don't really consider them to be a part of our family-- kind of like cousins instead. They come out with all different kinds of animals and creatures though, and it gives me an opportunity to be friends with porcupines, hedgehogs, and dragons!

Mom says that we can start re-introducing everyone in the next couple of posts. Like I said, we've got plenty of new friends to talk about. Some of them Mom found at Goodwill, and a few others have been found at Build-a-Bear. It's been a lot of fun around here! More later!

January 6th 2009

Mom has finally figured out a way to post on our blog through a client. Through a twitter feed called makeuseof, she found something called Windows Live Writer, which is a blog writer that lets you post on different blog platforms, including blogger! This makes me very happy, because I missed writing on my blog. More later!