Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24th, 2011

My mom has been enjoying posting pictures of my plush friends and I on Flickr lately. We both admire the photos that other people take of their plushie friends.

tn_2011-01-15 Marlowe (2)_edited-1

My mom says that the light inside our house isn’t quite as nice as the light outside on a sunny day.

tn_2011-01-15 Marlowe_edited-1

In this picture, you can see that I am very well loved bear. While I don’t think I was ever as fuzzy and soft as Foster, my big brother, my fur does show some wear! On the bigger picture on Flickr, you can also see all the little white hairs embedded into my fur. They’re from Princess, our old English bulldog!

Do any of you show wear? Mom says that it is a badge of honor. One of the people who post to a doll mailing list that she lurks says that it is better to show wear then to spend an eternity sitting on a shelf! What do you think?

Marlowe II

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20th, 2010

In our blogging hiatus, my friends and I were kept very busy. Mom spends some of her free time sitting downstairs. It’s where her computer is and where the dog can reach her. I spend most of the time cuddled up close to her and my friends spend time sitting on top of the couch. We watch Mom and make sure she’s not getting into any trouble. I’m the cuddling bear, and the others keep an eye on what’s happening around us.

A few days ago, I was talking to my friends Oatuling and Marshall Sheldon and we started to discuss pajamas!  Oatuling and his friend Dermule have recently got new PJs. I wanted to share ours, so Mom took our picture. This is what we spent a lot of time doing for the past few weeks!

tn_2011-01-15 Foster, Robinson, Milton, Caleb and Marlowe in PJs (2)

We all sit around in our PJs! Do any of you have pajamas? Caleb technically has PJs, but rarely wears them because he spends a lot of time outside with Mom. Mine are so nice and warm!

Marlowe II

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18th, 2010

Today’s post is about another thing that has caused our previous lack of posting. My mom bought herself a nook-color for Christmas. It’s an e-reader that can sort of be a computer at the same time. She can check her mail, Facebook, etc. with it, but she doesn’t like to type too much because it is tedious. It doesn’t really cut down on my cuddling time, just posting time.

tn_2011-01-14 Marlowe and the Nook (3)

Sometimes, she lets me play with it. It’s much easier to use then her itouch for my big paws.

tn_2011-01-14 Marlowe and the Nook (5)

Some of the time, I like to look at our pretty pictures on it. It’s very clear—even more clear then our computer. Granted, our computer is from 2007 and the nook-color is brand new, so we don’t hold it against the computer!

tn_2011-01-14 Marlowe and the Nook (7)

Other times, I read books on it. Right now, Mom and I are reading a book on geology. It’s interesting how old the rocks are!

tn_2011-01-14 Marlowe and the Nook

And, of course, we have to check our email. We also like to search for words in books that we are interested in.

It’s a nifty device, but I am glad that Mom has returned to helping me blog!

Marlowe II

Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16th, 2010

Today’s blog post will be about one of the reasons why we didn’t post a lot in December. It was too cold outside to go out and take photos! Apparently Mom doesn’t want to go out in the cold for photography, despite the fact that she goes out all the time for work. Sigh. I think she’s got her priorities messed up!

tn_2010-12-22 Winter (8)_edited-1

Wisconsin has been doing a very fine job of snowing this winter. It seems like we’ve gone maybe three or four days at most without some kind of snow flurry. It’s usually much too cold for it to snow by this time in winter.

tn_2010-12-22 Winter (12)_edited-1

It does make the sky seem very crisp and clear though. The blue is especially pretty.

I’ve got some outside boots—Mom bought them to go with my fishing outfit. I think they would serve very nicely as winter boots. I could go outside like my friends Buttons Because and Jerry and Ben. I’ll have to work on that! Mom doesn’t like it if I get wet or dirty!

Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14th, 2011

My mom says that I have been a very patient bear. She has been neglecting our posting duties lately. Part of it is recovering from the Christmas crazies at work, and a part of it was buying things on Ebay. She says that she has everyone she wants, so now it’s my turn to come back into the blogging world.
tn_2011-01-04 New Liv Dolls Unboxing_edited-1One of the things that Mom has been ordering online is a boy doll named Jake. She bought a few more Liv girl dolls at Target a few days ago and I helped her unbox them. I think that there is a lot of grief in unboxing dolls—teddy bears are so much more simple! She also bought all of the Monster High dolls—she says that she likes them because they’re the children of book characters! (I think she likes them because they come with all sorts of tiny little pieces. Sigh. Moms!)
tn_2010-12-24 Marlowe and Christmas_edited-1My birthday was back on Christmas. My mom bought me a lot of clothes and a new cell phone! Mom says that we will take a photo of the new cell phone later!

Caleb and I went with Mom to the dentist office today. She was very nervous. I stayed in the car, but Caleb went inside with her. I’m glad that we can provide that kind of moral support!

I wanted to thank everyone for sending me Christmas cards and the like. I love getting mail. One of the things that Mom has promised me that we are going to do is send more mail out.