Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22nd, 2010

Mom did go to Build-a-Bear and bought my friends and I some presents.  BAB has a frequent shopper program. For every $100 you spend, you get $10 in a certificate to use there. tn_2010-01-22 Marlowe in Black Plaid Shirt (2)So every four or five months, Mom gets a certificate in her email! She decided to print off the certificate today in celebration of her little vacation and go shopping! She bought two boy outfits and two girl shirts.

Mom likes this shirt because it had snaps. You can’t see them, but they are shiny buttons with snap backs. She says that I look like a have an attitude problem in this picture. I say it’s the silly tie that came as part of the shirt. She thinks the outfit has something to do with the Jonas Brothers—but neither of us are sure. She bought me another shirt—this one has an eagle on it. It’s supposed to be patriotic. It says strength and freedom on it. Mom liked the eagle. I think it’s cool—very trendy. I think it looks like the shirts that Mom and Caleb see at stores when they go shopping. tn_2010-01-22 Marlowe in Eagle T-Shirt

I do love Chloe—even when she’s being extra annoying in her little-sister-ness. We kept each other company for many long days in the beginning of our hug. I am happy that I have such a loving family with Foster and Chloe! Mom and I read Buttons BeCause’s blog entry about sending bears to Haiti to comfort the children who have been hurt by the aftereffects of the earthquake. I thought about all those children who don’t have anyone to go to and it made me glad that I have people and plushies to be with.

2010-01-22 Tiny Plush I wasn’t going to show you these plushies—but they’re so cute and so tiny that I couldn’t resist. They’re from Only Hearts Pets. They are Eggs the ostrich, Stretch the giraffe, and Tad the teddy bear. Mom found them when she was shopping today. To show how tiny they are, Caleb, Baxter, and Stegner allowed Mom to take their picture together.  Caleb is only six inches tall at the most, and he towers over the three of them. Even Baxter seems to be a giant compared to their littleness! Caleb says that he will keep track of them so they don’t get lost! I think it’s a very important job—they could get lost so easily!

Marlowe II


  1. Marlowe,
    I really like your new shirts. Especially the one with the tie, You look really cool.

    Those little fellas are awfully cute, I can see why you had to show them. Tell Caleb to be careful not to step on them.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog and the Bears for Haiti Drive.


  2. Your new shirts are very cool!
    The only clothes I have are my pirate clothes I wore for Halloween.

  3. I like your new clothes, the only cloths I have are my knitted scarf and hat and the apron I sometimes wear when we are baking.