Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13th, 2010

tn_2010-01-13 Marlowe and the Computer (2) Mom has been playing with the program that I use to post blog entries. The program is called Windows Live Writer. It comes with the ability to have plug-ins.  The addition of the most recent set of plug-ins started as an attempt to find something that would add on my signature picture automatically. The only thing that she can find is a post on someone else’s blog explaining how to edit the template for the blog so it adds it—but it frankly took her quite a bit of time to get the template edited to get my blog to have a different look to it! She’s pretty good at computers, but we both have a lot to learn about editing and creating html and the like for websites! tn_2010-01-13 Marlowe and the Computer (3)We’ve got plenty of time, but we’re working on it now! We probably should be working on our hunt for a bear-doctor!  

Mom has today off work. We’re going to work on finding the bear-doctor, taking naps, and otherwise wasting the day away. Mom says that’s what days off are for. I’m for the taking naps part! Mom’s currently on the hunting for a bear-doctor part. We found a website that lists some teddy bear artists from Wisconsin, but every one of the links is dead—and there is only one phone number that is listed that leads back to a person searchable on the internet. Sigh. Well, at least we made some progress today.  Who thought it would be this difficult to find a teddy bear artist to contact? Mom doesn’t want to trust my paw-repair to just anyone either! She was hoping to have some people to chose from. Sigh.tn_2010-01-13 Watching a Movie

We decided that we wanted to watch a movie. The last time we watched a movie together, Mom chose. She said that I could chose today, so I picked Cars—the Disney film. Foster, Caleb and I sat in the kitchen when Mom had lunch and watched the movie. I love that movie. They have made a sequel that is coming out to theaters in 2011.

Do you have a favorite movie? Mom’s favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch. We like children’s movies around here. We don’t watch movies a lot though. tn_2010-01-13 Watching a Movie (4)We have our favorite movies that we watch, but that’s about it. We spend a lot of time on the internet, reading, or watching the Food Network. We certainly watch a lot of Food Network! I would like to watch more bear friendly shows, but I don’t really mind either way, It makes Mom happy. She says that it is nostalgic for her. When she was a little girl, they only had basic television. She watched a lot of PBS (it’s Wisconsin Public Television here)  and the cooking and home improvement shows on the weekends.  As an adult, she watches the Food Network instead! I guess it’s part of my job to keep Mom happy, so I watch the Food Network too. It’s an important job!

Marlowe II


  1. Hello Marlowe! Our favorite movies are: Ratatouille, Wall-E and Up. We have the DVD's from the first two and we saw Up in the cinnema last summer but haven't bought it yet. I hope we will buy it soon, I'd love to see it again! I specialy liked the dog (the friendly one).

  2. I had a dvd of 'The Proposal' movie with Sandra Bullock in for Xmas and it is a great feel-good funny film. The scenery is so gorgeous too. It is supposed to be set in Alaska but I believe it was filmed in Masachussets or somewhere else beginning with 'M'.
    I think your paws look fine in your new sockies anyway.

  3. I love horrormovies, especialy with zombies. My favourites are Black Sheep and Shaun of the Dead

  4. We love Ratatouille too! In fact, a rat is coming to live here from Raggy Rat who looks very much like Remmie. His name is Reggie :0)His brother Greg is coming with him.

    We love the Food Network too. We loved it much more a few years ago when Mario,Giada,Emeril and Alton had regular shows (reruns mostly now). We do dearly love Diners,Drive Ins and Dives (makes us hungry to watch it lol-and WHERE are those places?? Not here in Central OH).

    We are so sad about your paws...we remembered seeing an old grey bear that had been restored and there were a few pics on flickr we saw...went back to find them again, and spent the last 45 min looking...can't find them now! If we come across them, we'll let you know asap.
    sigh...our person has been sewing for years and makes many paws but has never restored wish we could help! We hope you find a bear Dr. soon. We'll let you know if we come across a good, active site too.

    Bear hugs,
    Robertbear and Christiana on the Moor

  5. We saw The proposal too and we liked it a lot! G. loves feel good funny films! And G. told me to tell you and your mom that she likes to watch Ready steady cook with a guy called Ainsley (???) It's on the BBC I think...