Thursday, November 04, 2010

November 4th, 2010

I’m sorry we haven’t posted lately. Mom has been busy with work. Last weekend, as a break from the Christmas crazies, Mom and a few of her friends from work went to the House on the Rock to the American Gods Anniversary Party and met Neil Gaiman! (He’s a famous author, who happened to also write a book named Coraline, which Mom LOVES!)She said that I was too big to bring with, so Caleb went with instead.

tn_2010-10-29 House on the Rock  (17)_edited-1

That guy in back is Neil Gaiman. Mom and her friends went to listen to him talk. They got to sit up front.

tn_2010-10-29 House on the Rock  (27)_edited-1

And then he talked. Mom and her friends got to sit up front. This made her very happy.

tn_2010-10-29 House on the Rock  (41)

So after that, they waited in line for a while, and then he signed Mom’s book. (That’s my mom!)

tn_2010-10-29 House on the Rock (50)_edited-1

This has made Mom a very happy camper. I’m hoping her good mood carries on for a while and she will help me post some more. If you want to see more pictures of the House on the Rock, they are at her DeviantArt page, along with Facebook. Her pictures are much better then the ones on their webpage!

We received some great mail that Mom has to process the pictures for! It’s bedtime, but Mom thought she’d say something so everyone would know. I’ll get her to process the photos tomorrow after she gets out of work.

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