Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30th, 2010

tn_2010-01-29 Garden Seeds (4) Well, my mom and her mom have decided that spring must come to Wisconsin sooner or later. They went and bought a lot of seeds to grow this summer in the garden. We can’t even start any of them for at least another month yet, but it’s certainly nice to look at the packages!

My mom likes sunflowers and heirloom vegetables. I know you really can’t read the titles on any of the seed packages, but there are approximately six different kinds of sunflowers there. She bought four different kinds of different tomatoes too. Grandma bought different seeds too. Grandma mostly likes growing every kind of vegetable possible. tn_2010-01-29 Garden Seeds (5)She is not as much into the pretty flowers like Mom.  She did buy a fancy tomato plant that is supposed to look like of like a tree as it grows. It is called a silvery fir tree tomato. It’s really not a fir tree, but it still seems cool. We will probably start them in March. It is a long project—I’m sure I will get to help. Mom let me help gather our first crop of tomatoes a year or so ago, and took me out to admire the pretty sunflowers.

Mom and I did go out and see the extra large full moon. Mom has never quite figured out night photography, so she didn’t take a picture. It was very beautiful though. I hope more people got to notice it!

Marlowe II


  1. I hope you get to grow your own vegetables and flowers! We only have a balcony so we can't plant our own vegetables unfortunately.

  2. Last week when the snow was gone we saw that there were little green pieces of springflowers that had come out of the earth! And now there's snow all over again... Are you going to show us the little plants/flowers when they start to grow??? Specialy the sunflowers! They can become more then 2 meters high!!!! That would be cool!!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your sunflowers grow! Bet you are too!