Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 26th, 2009

tn_2009-02-06 Princess (2) Much like my friend here, Buttons BeCause, I’ve decided to write a little post about what I am thankful for on this fine Thanksgiving day. Mom says that it is important to keep these things in mind. We have read  books about Thanksgiving and I know that I should be glad for what I have! I would never be able to live like the Pilgrims did! No electricity!? Not to say that besides the house and outside, none of these things even existed when they were around! I am not meant to be a bear who needs to ‘rough it!’ I am definitely a bear suited to more modern conveniences! (Mom says that she’s a human who is suited to modern conveniences, so it all works out!)

I am thankful for:

  • My family—even if Chloe sometimes drives me crazy with her girly-ness and Foster ignores me.
  • My friends—makes long days very interesting!
  • Princess, our dog!
  • Books!
  • Our house! It’s much warmer inside!
  • Outside—nature, and trees and the such!
  • Naps! And blankets!
  • The computer and the internet—it brought me to meet all of you!
  • Cookies and chocolate.
  • Television.
  • And many other things!

Can you think of anything else I’ve forgotten? What are you all thankful for!

Marlowe II

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23rd, 2009

My Mom has discovered something new. It’s called a MyLiveSignature and it’s pretty nifty!tn_2009-11-23 Robinson and His Family It’s basically a picture of my signature! Well, it’s not my real signature, but the one that Mom and I chose to be most like it. I’ve seen some of the people who appear in my Google Reader have their signatures.

Mom gathered Robinson and his family downstairs tonight. The picture is Robinson on the upper left, Hyacinth next to him, and then Friday sitting on the first row and Saffron. They have decided that Saffron is Hyacinth’s cousin, and therefore Robinson and Friday’s. We like keeping things straight around here! It does make Robinson the older brother of sorts (he is Friday’s older brother) of three plushies! Maybe I should be glad that I am the middle brother. On occasion, Foster and Mom want me to make sure that Chloe stays out of trouble! Robinson has to watch three! (Mom and all of us other plushies watch all the little folk as a group most of the time!)

Mom is currently on She wants the Jedi Knight Star Wars costume. Our BAB is not one of the select stores that are supposed to carry. She says that I can help her look, but she doesn’t want me to know how she is going to pay for it. She says that she sees tales on some of the mailing lists of plushies and other companions buying things with their mom or dad’s credit cards! I would never do that—but I admit it would be VERY tempting!

Marlowe II

Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22nd, 2009

tn_2009-11-21  Marlowe in Santa OutfitIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! Mom found some Build-a-Bear clothes at Goodwill today. Some of them were Santa Claus clothes! I can look like Santa for a while now! I feel very festive in my new jacket! There was a hat too. I even have black boots somewhere—and although I don’t have red pants—I could dress up like Santa! Hm! The possibilities! Maybe I should say ho, ho, ho!

My mom feels better. The ideas that you gave me helped. She likes chicken soup—she said that it was nice that I thought of her! I told her that it was part of my job as her bear and she smiled!

In the bag of clothes that Mom found at Goodwill, there was a very large (at least in bear terms) red sweater. It turned out to be Build-a-Bear. Mom gave it to Charlotte, who is one of the biggest girls that we have here. It has a white heart on it so it’s not suited too well for a boy bear. tn_2009-11-21 Marlowe and Charlotte

What do you like the most about Christmas? I think I like the Christmas lights the most. I hope I get to go here this winter. Mom saw the advertisement while she was at our local mall.  There is supposed to even be a horse drawn wagon ride. I think it sounds great!

Robinson says that he likes Christmas music, while Milton says that he likes all the Christmas trees and their ornaments. Chloe says that she likes the glittery dresses and the shiny tinsel that people put on trees. Our house isn’t set up for Christmas quite yet though. Mom says that it will probably start after Thanksgiving. Our grandma believes in one holiday at a time! Mom says that if it was Christmas all year long it wouldn’t mean the same, but I’m not quite so sure about that. I don’t think you can ever have enough sparkly lights! I think a big part of it is that Mom doesn’t appreciate Christmas quite as much as your average bear due to her years of retail experience! Maybe this year will be different! We can only hope.

Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20th, 2009

My mom and I helped my little sister Chloe set up her own blog on the Bear Club. I wanted her to stop asking me to post things on here—and Mom wanted her to have some place safe to write. She says that it is best for a little girl bear to have some place where things are read over before they’re allowed to be posted. It’s a mom thing, I guess.  But now instead of asking me to post things on this blog, she’s annoying me about checking her blog for comments. Sigh. Sisters!

tn_2009-11-20 Marlowe (2)Mom went to Build-a-Bear yesterday. She bought some clothes for the girls, but also bought me a new jacket. It’s supposed to be related to their Hal and Holly Moose movie. It feels down-filled and very warm. It also came with some very cool goggles. Mom says that they are skiing goggles. I told her that now she has to buy me some skis! She said that we’d wait till there’s snow on the ground and then she’d consider! But with the way the weather is like around here in Wisconsin, we’ll have quite a wait! I think I should get them now and practice skiing on piles of blankets, but she doesn’t think so! (Although BAB does have a snowboard. Hm!)

My mom has a cold. I am glad that bears don’t get colds. She seems to be pretty miserable unless she takes some medicine. I try to do my best to help her, but sometimes she does have to go to work—where I cannot go. Well, I have gone to her work once, but I had to stay in her backpack. (I did provide support, but it’s hard to really help.) I’m in charge of the regular bear duties—like comfort when Mom’s sick, but with the added on task of Kleenex supply. (It does get me off homework bear duty though—she’s in no mood to do chemistry!) What do you bears do to help your moms or dads through sickness?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14th, 2009

tn_2009-10-18 Pamela and Gabriel_edited-1Things have been pretty quite around here lately. Mom finished uploading all the pictures to the Picasa folder and has labeled everyone. She’s been spending a lot of time at work. I hope that this Christmas season goes by quickly! It stresses her out a lot.

In an attempt to help Mom feel better, we decided that I would share a happy story with you. A few weeks ago, Mom found a Build-a-Bear at Goodwill that looked awfully familiar. On a whim, she brought him home. It turned out that the bear’s name was Gabriel, and he was the long-lost brother of one of my friends in our family, Pamela. They were very glad to see each other! Don’t they look happy! Mom was glad to be able to reunite a family!

tn_2009-06-27 Floppy Pony Family_edited-1It was kind of like when Mom found Friday, Robinson’s little brother—or Hyacinth, their cousin! Mom recently found a horse that might be their cousin as well—they’ve been trying to figure out how they might be related. It seems like a lot of Build-a-Bear plushies are related! Her name is Saffron. Unfortunately, there really doesn’t seem to be a registry for plushies like there is for human births, so they’ve got to somehow figure it out.  I think she kind of looks like both Robinson and Friday and Hyacinth, so I think they’re related. She actually kind of looks like she’s part Robinson’s family and part Hyacinth’s family! What do you think? Granted, it really doesn’t matter! We’re all part of the big family no matter what.

tn_2009-11-07 SaffronWe are making plans for Thanksgiving. Since some of my friends are birds, we really can’t have turkey. We’ve decided that potatoes, stuffing, and other vegetables are good though. Does your family have any plans? Mom and her parents are going to go up north to be with her grandmother on Thanksgiving day. I hope I get to go with like I did at the birthday party. That was grand fun!

We’re currently watching a special on the Food Network about the history behind the traditional meal of Thanksgiving. It’s making us very hungry! Mom especially wants stuffing, while I’m tempted by the green bean casserole. It’s so long until Thanksgiving! Mom says that it’s the same kind of food that they will serve at Christmas, so we’ll get two times to eat all that good stuff!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10th, 2009

tn_2009-04-08 Complete WWF Plushies_edited-1Mom goes to school on most days of the week. Apparently, school for older people like her don’t last the entire day from start to finish. She’s got breaks in between classes. Today I’ve talked her into continuing on the folder on Picasa with photos of my friends who live her with me. She started last night, but things will go much faster with the school’s zooming internet connection. It’s mostly my Build-a-Bear friends, but it is a start!

She got about twenty of them uploaded. Her two final classes of the day were cancelled, so she came home instead. You have to have a Picasa account to view these pictures—we don’t want just anyone to see our photos. We’re not quite sure what link to share, but we’re hoping this one works. tn_2009-04-13 Kennel Pals Family_edited-1

Mom figured out how to make more pictures upload at once, so it will probably be finished sometime tonight. She says that the captions will have to wait until tomorrow. I’ll find more pictures of my friends to upload later, but these are the first batch. One day a few months ago, Mom brought almost everyone downstairs and took their picture. It was only almost everyone, so there are a few plushies whose pictures I will have to find in a different folder somewhere.

We have been mostly just lounging around. It has been unseasonably warm around here lately. It reached into the high fifties today. We sat out on the porch for a little bit. Mom then wanted to take a nap so we came back inside. I’m hoping that tomorrow after she gets done with school we can sit outside again. I know that it will soon be too cold to spend much time outside—at least without lots of layers of clothes. I guess with the cold will come snow! I do like to play in the snow!

The top photo is a part our World Wildlife Foundation family. Edwin, Eira, Daisy, Garnet, Zelda, and Charlotte are in this photo. It’s missing Lennox the lion and Timber the Wolf (he wasn’t here yet!) though. The second picture is our Kennel Pal family. Lincoln, Clover, Bernard, Harding, and Dutchess are in that photo. Reagan the beagle arrived in our family after we took the photo. Mom really likes sharing pictures of all of us! We’ve got such a big, great family that she likes to share! Does your mom or dad like to share pictures?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

November 8th, 2009

tn_2009-11-01 Apples (6) Gosh, it’s so nice to have Fred-the-laptop back. Mom is in such a better mood when she’s got a a working computer to play with. She still glares at him occasionally, and saved her last homework assignment on her thumb-drive thing, but she’s getting better. I think she’ll feel a lot better with it all once she gets the portable hard-drive backup program working. Then she won’t worry about losing her work.

Tonight, after doing her homework, she was showing me how to add plug-ins on our Windows Live Writer. We’ve got our Wikipedia link plug-in and I picked a smiley one—but it’s broken. I will try to download another plug-in later.

This is a picture of some apples that grew on one of our trees out front. It was a little tree—probably no more than eight feet tall. It had the largest apples in the entire orchard! Mom took me outside to see them—they were the nicest colors. A lot of the other trees’ apples had worm holes in them. (No one sprays them for that sort of thing.) This tree’s apples were almost all perfect! We ate one—well, I had a little piece because I am a little bear and it was very good.

Friday, November 06, 2009

November 6th, 2009

Ta-da! I shall be posting again. Mom says that I am cursing the luck that we have had with our recovered computer, but I think she’s getting a bit paranoid! It turned out that our computer died because the hard drive failed. Most of her files were backed up on a portable hard drive, but it’s still kind of annoying. The laptop, whose name is Fred, is on Mom’s short list. I’m not quite sure what this means, but Mom seems to glare at it.

Not many interesting things have happened since my last post. Mom’s life has been revolving around school, getting her computer back, and work. I hope to post more pictures and the such. Mom did start a folder in Picasa account related to this blog about my friends. She only has a few pictures in there. As time progresses—and she has time at work and school, she’ll post more pictures!

I think that I ought to let her post this and go to bed. I’m awfully tired!

Monday, November 02, 2009

November 2nd, 2009

tn_2009-10-26 Meredith This is our new friend, Meredith. I mentioned her in the post from a few days ago. She is a very nice girl bear, but very quiet. Chloe tells me that she is intimidated by all the new plushies. She has never met so many new friends before. Chloe reassured her that we were all very nice, but I guess it will take her a while to really get used to us. Mom reminded me that some plushies come from one bear families and do not have as many friends or siblings as we do. I hope that she will learn that we are all very nice soon! I like making new friends. She seems to like Chloe a great deal, so I guess we can start there.

Mom found a red tree! Well, it’s more of a red bush. They are called ‘burning bushes’ or eastern wahoo. tn_2009-10-26 Burning BushThey spend most of their year being an ordinary green bush—nothing too special at all. But then during fall, they turn a brilliant shade of red. Mom found this bush near her school.  It has stayed bright red for quite some time. Mom is very impressed!

How was your Halloween? Ours was pretty calm. Mom had to work during the day, but by the time that any trick-or-treating would have happened, it was raining. I do love candy, but it’s not worth going out in the rain. Especially when Mom’s got plenty of candy here! No trick-or-treaters braved the elements and our long driveway to come to get any candy! We did all get dressed up in our costumes. It would have been a waste to not use them somehow!tn_2009-10-26 Burning Bush Leaves

What is your favorite kind of candy? We’ve had plenty of different choices in the past couple of days. Grandma bought Nestle crunch bars and M&Ms for any trick-or-treaters, and Mom’s got Dove dark chocolate pieces for herself. I think that I like M&Ms the best—but don’t tell Mom. Her favorite is the dark chocolate pieces.

Most of the leaves are gone on the trees surrounding the house. It’s kind of pretty—in a desolate kind of way. We can also now see the road—which is useful when you are waiting for Mom’s cab. Granted, the evergreens that are in front of the barn cover the view of the road from the direction that they come—so it’s not quite as useful as we’d hope!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

November 1st 2009

2009-10-31 Marlowe in New Track SuitMy  mom is typing this for me. I wrote it down on a piece of paper, and she brought it to work with her so she could send this in via her work’s internet connection. Mom’s laptop is still broken—and the one that we had used to post the last entry isn’t too happy either. Fortunately, Mom took her mom’s functioning laptop to work today—and now our Windows Live Writer is set up.

This is my new outfit. Mom bought it for me so I’d have something different to sleep in. It’s very nice and warm. The label on it said that it was a track suit. I’m not quite sure what I am supposed to be tracking, but Mom says that it doesn’t matter. I think it looks awfully spiffy! Mom didn’t take a picture of any of the girls wearing their new outfit—mostly because she hasn’t had the chance. It’s a very nice blue dress, but I like my track suit more!2009-10-28 Coffee

This is one of my new friends. He’s not a Build-a-Bear—he’s a Russ Berrie. We decided to post a picture of him because he looks a lot like a friend of ours named Behr. He has a blog that he shares with several other travel bears at New Mexico Travel Bear. My new bear’s name is Coffee. Mom thinks that Coffee is a little bit bigger then Behr, but they share the same maker! I’m glad that Coffee came to our home. He is from a thrift store. Mom rescued him along with another bear.

Mom will post more pictures later. She will at least post some of them to the Picasca site related to this blog. I don’t know when Mom’s computer will come back from the fixing shop, but I hope soon! I miss writing on my blog all the time! I also like reading other plushies’ blogs! I guess some good things have come with the lack of computer. We’ve been watching movies, reading more books, and talking a lot more. Mom says that it is good to break some of our dependence on the computer—but I’m not sure how much fun that is!