Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26th, 2010

tn_2010-02-26 Calla and Shirley Today was very quiet. Mom had the day off, and she chose to spend most of it at home with us. We took a lot of naps, watched some TV, and got current with all of the blogs we read. Mom posted our first article on the Bear Place. We decided to write it on the TY Inc. company because Feddie, the bear who is in charge of the site, is a TY beanie baby. We hope everyone likes it! Mom is very nervous about it. She has not written anything that is not about trees, and nature and things like that in a long time. (That’s what she went to school for—nature-like things!) But now it is done and posted, so we can only hope that it goes over well.

Shirley has taken one of our new friends, Calla, under her guidance. Calla was worried that she was the only orange bear in our hug. Shirley told her while it doesn’t matter what color you are, we do have other orange bears, Azalea and Candace. It seemed to help her feel better. We’re all going to just have to try harder to help her feel at home here!

tn_2010-02-24 CalebCaleb wants me to post a picture of him wearing his new Packers jersey. Mom found it at thrift store last week and it is perfectly his size! While Mom really isn’t into the Packers, all of us bears do often watch the games when they are on. Caleb is quite the Packers fan—even though a football is at least three times as big has he is! (We live in Wisconsin, where Packers and football are cultural institutions!) This is one of the first t-shirts that Caleb really likes! He was awfully fond of all the the BAB clothes that they used to make. These finds of Mom’s are the only way that he is going to get clothes now!

Mom says that it is time to go to bed. Since she won’t let me play with the computer when she isn’t around, I have to end my entry here! I hope you all are having a great day!

Marlowe II


  1. Nothing wrong with having a different colour or being different in another way, but I can understand Calla. One of my friends Chief Hairy Pig is also very unsure about his looks as he's very hairy for a pig.

  2. There nothing wrong with being different.