Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10th, 2010

I had a good day yesterday. Mom spent the entire day with me. I spent a little time in the morning tweeting back and forth with Tat. And we lucked out and checked the chat room on the Bear Place and found plushies chatting! I spent a good half hour chatting with Jeff Ogre, Archimedes, FedBear, and Barney Bear! It was grand fun!

tn_2010-02-07 The Group (3)

My friends sat on the top of the couch and watched Mom play with the computer. (I posed with them for this picture!) I introduced Milton and Robinson to Twitter. (Mom says that they’re going to have to just read my feed. No more accounts for a while!) Robinson says that I need to find some plushie horses to follow. Charlotte was impressed with the two giraffe plushies that I found!

It snowed a lot yesterday. It has covered any ground that was exposed after our little warm up a few weeks ago. It peeves the bulldog, who likes the snow but expects it to disappear when she wants it to. I think she wants to spend time outside lying on the porch, but it is covered with snow!

I thought of finding some dragons to share with Dilly, but I don’t think there are any my size around here. Mom has several Webkinz dragons, like Wilhelmina, Ptolemy, and Capricorn, but they are not part of my immediate hug. I don’t know too much about them personally, but I would imagine that Wilhelmina, being a pink girl dragon, likes pink and princesses as much as Dilly does!

My sister Chloe wants to know that if she likes princesses, pink, and other girly things, if that makes her a not-a-stinky bear. She says that only boy bears are stinky! I think I’m a good boy bear—I’m not stinky! Mom says that she doesn’t really mean it, but I’m not so sure!

Marlowe II

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  1. Isn't the teddy bear smell just what children like about there bears? I know a child that has two same teddy's but can always choose the one that hasn't been washed because that one smells the most "safe"...