Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16th, 2010

tn_2010-02-14 04 Princess and MarloweMom was really impressed when we found the Bear Club. When we found the Bear Place, we were even more impressed. In the past couple of days, we’ve found several other teddy social networking websites! Now we’re impressed with the availability of such places for plushies to meet other plushies! We did sign up for an account on Fofurree. Our friend, Tat, is on there. We also found a place called Soft Toys and TeddyandCo! Who would have thought that there were five places on the internet for bears to hang out. We didn’t make an account for the other two. Mom says that along with Twitter, I have enough things to do. (We found these other places by clicking links and googling things that we found via Twitter! )

There seemed to be plenty of entries on Twitter for the Teddy Olympics! I wish I would have entered the napping event! Some of the other entrants looked like they were having very nice naps! And the eating events—the food that some of those plushies were eating looked very good! We will have to plan better for next year! I can practice all year long! We can also take the photos all year long too so we can chose the best ones for the event itself!

Princess, our old English bulldog, allowed me to sit near her and pet her a few days ago. She is a good dog most of the time but sometimes awfully cranky! She’s never hurt me, but she’s pushed me off the couch a few times! On my Picasa folder, there are a few pictures of her letting me get closer to her. She sniffed my hand and let me sit next to her for a while before she grew bored and left!

Marlowe II


  1. You're allowed to be a bit cranky from time to time when you're old I think. She does look like a friendly dog I must say.

  2. Hi Marlowe, oh my Bears and I must go and find the teddy olympics over at Twitter :) big hugs to you, Catherine x

  3. Hewo!
    Dilly an Bob an Mummy not be on Twitter.
    Mummy say, be on 2 days,
    not like,
    not hav nuff time do!

    Dilly sorry doggy push MArlowe off chair.
    Need put cushon on flor,
    then wen fall off,
    bownce bak!


  4. Once, Poes, the cat that lives here at our house pushed me so I fell down too! And then she laughed at me. But now we are good friends! I'm always a bit afraid of dogs, but that's only because I don't know a dog yet, nobody in the family has a dog, they all have cats!

  5. Sorry to have not commented for a while - I still visit regularly, I can asure you.
    Mother is not into Twitter & such sites as a recluse!!!
    Teddy Bear Olympics!
    What am I missing - will check it out.