Wednesday, March 03, 2010

March 3rd, 2010

We are awaiting three new arrivals here this week. While browsing some of our Flickr friends’ photostreams, Mom discovered that Build-a-Bear has a longhorn cattle, a Clydesdale, and a buffalo (technically a bison!). She invited them all home to live with us. The longhorn cattle’s name is Texas, the Clydesdale’s name is Jefferson, and the buffalo’s name is Yellowstone. I will be sure to post pictures of them when they arrive.

tn_2010-03-02 Pirouette and Sarina (3) Pirouette and Sarina, who have been getting along famously since Sarina’s arrival, have decided to come downstairs and wait for Jefferson’s arrival. They are anxious to greet him! They really would like Mom to invite a boy magical pony much like themselves home! All our boy four legged horses are ordinary horses! Strawberry is our other four legged magical pony girl. She decided that she would rather wait to meet the new boy until he got a bit better settled in. I think that’s a rational way—it’s very exciting to meet all these new plushies! Introducing him to our whole hug will take a while!

Fleur is also kind of excited. Until now, she has been the only cattle in our hug. While Yellowstone won’t be her exact species, buffalo are related to cattle. Texas will be a little bit closer. We’ll have to see who they want to hang out with. Fleur is fond of Shirley, Charlotte, and Chloe. Who knows if they will want to spend time with the girls!

They are supposed to arrive today via FedEx. I hope they come soon! I like meeting new friends!

Marlowe II


  1. I got a cow stuffie from a friend, but most of my stuffies are bears which is my definition for a stuffie and they help me to sleep better overnight. I hope you enjoy the new friends, I call it an adoption moment for me although I might be overly mushy, they bless me a lot. It wasn't long ago when I found out that several stuffies are called a hug, but I think of hug when I want to hug my stuffies since they have a sad look on there faces.

  2. In the Netherlands stuffed animals are called 'Knuffelbeest' which translates to Hug-Animal.
    Have fun getting to know your new friends.

  3. You get lots of new friends these last weeks! You are so lucky!