Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13th, 2010

Our new arrival is Weeny the Sockbunny! She is from the warren at Widget and Friends! We bought her from the UK equivalent of Etsy, a website called Folksy! We read Widget’s blog and had to order own sockbunny to add to our hug!

tn_2010-02-12 01 Weeny the SockBunny's Arrival (2) We got the package today! It was wrapped up in very pretty green plastic! (This was after we opened it. Mom forgot to take a picture!

tn_2010-02-12 02 Weeny the SockBunny's Arrival (3)What a cool card!

tn_2010-02-12 03 Weeny the SockBunny's Arrival (4) There are surprises inside!

tn_2010-02-12 04 Weeny the SockBunny's Arrival (5) And here she is! Weeny! Isn’t she SO CUTE! (The emphasis is Mom’s, not mine!)

tn_2010-02-12 05 Weeny the SockBunny's Arrival

I will introduce her to the rest of the family after she settles in a little. There will be more pictures as well, because—well, that’s just the way things work around here!  Mom wants to order another one—a custom bunny of some sort! More later!

Marlowe II

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  1. I saw the sock bunny some time ago at it's blog. Hope she's feeling at home already, I think she is, you are a very friendly bear so she must feel very safe near you even if it's at a new home!