Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 22nd, 2010

2010-02-21 Bronze_MarloweTBear Much like my friends Tat and George the Duck, I received a medal for my efforts in the Teddy Olympics! I won in the hugging event! This makes me a very happy bear! I was worried that I would not place! Mom said that it is supposed to be the spirit of participating in such a grand event, but I can tell that she is glad that I won something too! There were so many great photos—and one of the events I entered really didn’t have a category! Mom says that we practice more next time—perhaps we will take more photos all year long! I can enter more events that way. I thought about entering the bed jumping event, but Mom said that I ought not to jump on the bed. There was an unmaking the bed event though! I probably could have only done that once before Mom would have been kind of peeved!

Mom discovered a few days ago that Naples, one of our new friends, had two owies! tn_2010-02-20 Naple's Surgery (4)He had a owie on his leg and another on his cheek! Mom worked up her courage and started to sew him up! He was under teddy anesthetics the entire time, so it didn’t hurt him at all. 

That is the little hole that was in his leg. He said that he really didn’t notice it much, but still appreciated Mom patching him up. It only took Mom a few minutes to patch his leg up, but it took a while longer for her to do his cheek. She didn’t want to make any mistakes. After she was finished, I gave him a big hug! He said that it was kind of scary! But he is all better now! Mom has had to do surgery of this kind on Opal as well—one of the webbings of her feet had come loose! I have been lucky thus far, but I am waiting for the surgery on my paws!tn_2010-02-20 Naple and Marlowe (2)

I have been having fun lately chatting on the Bear Place. If I go after Mom gets out of work sometimes around 3 my time, it is the right time in the UK. We have a lot of fun talking about bear things and sometimes human things. We talked about Twitter and hash-tags and the like today. We also talked about something called wine gums—which is apparently some kind of candy! I like talking to plushies from different countries. It makes me feel like a very multi-cultural bear, I guess!

Mom uploaded some new photos to my Picasa folder. We went through the Photobucket album that Mom has had since the beginning of her digital picture taking career and found some of my friends and I. The first camera that Mom had took pretty crummy photos inside, so some of them aren’t the greatest. But Mom says that they’re a part of my history, so we posted them. We’re not sure if you can see the photos by that link. I know you have to have a Google account, but that is as far as we understand!

Marlowe II


  1. Marlowe,
    Looks like you mom has a future as a bear-stic surgeon, she did a fine job. Naples looks like he could be related to Chuckles.

    Congratulations on your gold medal. I've been watching the Olympics, it's beary exciting, especially the ski jumping. Now if I only had some boots for my skis...


  2. I hope Naples feels better soon
    And I love your medal

  3. Congratulations Marlowe! You are indeed a champion hugger!

  4. Hello Marlowe!
    We're so happy to be back at our friends blogs after so many days! I like your medal! Specialy because you got it for hugging!