Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12th, 2010

Tomorrow is the start of the Teddy Olympics and I just posted my photos on Twitter. Technically it’s tomorrow somewhere, so Mom said it was all right. But there were plenty more photos that we took, so I thought I would share them here.

Mom thought that we should get all dressed up if we were going to appear in such an important event. Milton dressed up with me. Casual is the usual fashion trend around here, so when I got dressed up, Milton did too for moral support.

tn_2010-02-12 01 Milton and Marlowe (2)Mom decided that the hugging event was a good one to start out with. Charlotte volunteered to be the hugged.

tn_2010-02-12 02 Hugging Event (2) Getting the photo taken became more of a struggle then she had thought. By the end of the entire thing, she was ready to hurt someone. (In a plushie sort of way, of course. She’s so much taller and bigger then the rest of us that stepping on someone’s toes hurts enough!)

tn_2010-02-12 02 Hugging Event (4)When Mom was finally happy with that, Caleb let me give him a hug and Mom took our photo.  It didn’t take that many photos to get one that Mom liked.

tn_2010-02-12 03 Hugging EventWe then started on our only physical event. I don’t have any ice skates—and there certainly isn’t any ice inside the house. We decided that roller skating was close enough. I didn’t get to go outside and skate because it was too cold. Mom also has no clue where my helmet and pads are. Safety is important!

tn_2010-02-12 04 Roller SkatingAfter a bit of balancing, I finally got to my feet. Mom had to help me stay upright! It’s been a long time since I got my roller skates on, and I didn’t find it as easy as I did the last time. I was very wobbly!

tn_2010-02-12 05 Roller SkatingShe encouraged me to take a step forward.

tn_2010-02-12 08 Roller Skating And I was finally standing on my own! Wahoo! But then I took one more step forward--

tn_2010-02-12 09 Roller SkatingAnd fell straight down! It hurt! That was the end of my Teddy Olympic career! I think I’ll stick to blogging and twittering instead! Ouch!!

Today, a new friend arrived, all the way from the UK! I’ll leave the rest of the arrival until tomorrow!

Marlowe II


  1. I'm so jealous! How cool that is! rollerskating, and you are so good at it!!!

  2. Well! You look very cool, I think. Blogging is safer though.

  3. oh, I forgot, I gave you an award at my blog, but don't feel obliged to take it, take it only if you want to!

  4. I think you're brave to try it!