Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18th, 2010

tn_2010-03-16 Cleveland (3) Today I am going to introduce our newest arrival. Cleveland was rescued from our nearby Goodwill. What makes him special—besides his charming personality of course—is that he is a very big bear. Our Build-a-Bear book says that his species—Polar Bear II—tops out at 21 inches or almost 54 centimeters tall. It gives him an introduction to our big boy group. He will join Taft, Briggs, Roscoe, Gulliver, and Elijah. The main benefit of being a bigger bear is that you can wear human baby clothes! (Mostly because they don’t fit in the regular BAB clothes!) Mom bought Cleveland an outfit at Goodwill and he fits into six month old baby clothes! (The other BAB and I only fit preemie and newborn clothes at best!)tn_2010-03-16 Big Boys and Marlowe

When Mom went to BAB, she showed the manager lady our photos. (She has them on her itouch! She wanted to be able to remember which ones she had when she went thrifting!) The lady thought our hug was rather impressive. She told Mom about Briggs—who is a Buddy Bear—and how he got recalled. Larkspur, another of our bears, turns out to be a JC Penny’s exclusive! Look how small I am compared to all the other bears! Elijah is the bear on the left of the picture. He is not BAB but Mom rescued him a very long time ago from a thrift store somewhere. Cleveland and Taft are the white polar bears, while the bear with the soccer t-shirt is Roscoe, our American Eagle bear. Gulliver, a grizzly bear II, is one of our newer arrivals. Briggs is the bear on the right.

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about my outdoor trip on St. Patrick’s Day!

Marlowe II


  1. Do you all still fit in the house you live in;-)??? So many new friends! Does your Mom give them their names or do they already have a name when she rescues them? It must be very cosy in your house with that big bear and horse family!!!

  2. Beautiful storys with these teddys! Nice pics!
    I really like your blog, it's very original! Good job! :)
    Hugs from Spain