Saturday, March 06, 2010

March 6th 2010

All of my new friends have arrived! I will write about them another day, because yesterday, I helped Mom make supper! Her parents are gone on vacation, so we are in charge of all food preparation! We made a night of it. Milton, Robinson, Foster, and I went into the kitchen to watch some TV while Mom watched the dinner. Since I chose last time, we let Mom pick this time. She picked Dave Matthews Band’s Live at Folsom Field. We’ve seen it many times, but it makes her happy!

tn_2010-03-05 01 Making Supper (2)

We have chose our places on the table. We would usually sit on the ground, but the TV in the kitchen is high up in a cabinet and Mom wants us to get the best view!

tn_2010-03-05 02 Making Supper (3)

Here we are watching Dave Matthews Band. It’s Mom’s favorite band!

tn_2010-03-05 03 Making Supper (4)

We are multi-tasking here. Mom is making two of her favorite meals from when she was a little girl. One she called hot-dish, which is made of noodles, hamburger, and tomatoes. The other she called Spanish rice, which is made of rice, hamburger, and tomatoes. The Spanish rice needs to cook in the oven.

tn_2010-03-05 04 Making Supper (5)

Mom said it was very hot and I could only watch from a safe distance. She said that we didn’t have any oven mitts that would fit my hands to protect them from the heat. I still got to watch the water boil and make sure she noticed!

tn_2010-03-05 05 Making Supper

This is the hot-dish! I got to try some of this and it was very good. It made Mom very happy—she will have leftovers of both dishes throughout the week! Cooking was great fun! I hope Mom will let me help her again soon!

Marlowe II


  1. Even only reading this makes me hungry...

  2. You all are so unbearably adorable! Thanks for sharing with us! :-)

  3. Oh, that looks so yummie!

  4. That looks like yummy food ummmmmm!

  5. I love food, my stuffies, adventure and a good story so although I have enjoyed the ones before, this one was best to me so far. I would love to have some guidelines for me to try to fix a similar meal as this one which was cooked, Thank-you for sharing this adventure. What kind of seasonings do you use since I love to try to make this with adding my own favorite seasonings.