Monday, March 08, 2010

March 8th 2010

tn_2010-03-05 Cow FamilyYou will be hearing a lot from me from me for the next couple of days. My mom is on a mini-vacation of sorts. She will have plenty of time to help me blog! Granted, a lot of blogging for us is mostly days in a row rather then more than once a day, so it shouldn’t be so bad!

My new friends arrived a few days ago. Mom ordered them from the Build-a-Bear website. It was difficult not to sneak in a few things of my own, but I resisted! The bill was hefty enough!

This is a photo of Fleur and our new friends, Texas the longhorn steer and Yellowstone the bison. Fleur is no longer the only cow in our hug. Fleur is speaking to them in cow and trying to make them feel welcome. They have been bonding over their horns! Until she mentioned it, I never realized that Fleur was the only plushie here with horns! Apparently there is some kind of upkeep! I am glad that I am a simple bear!tn_2010-03-05 Jefferson and Marlowe

Mom and Jefferson, our new Clydesdale friend, had a conversation and he agreed to take me for a little ride. Mom did not let me go very far, because I did not have a saddle or a helmet or anything to keep me safe. But it was very fun! I never knew how hard it would be to stay upright! We have agreed to more lessons after Mom finds my English riding habit and makes some kind of saddle and bridle. Washington, another of our four-footed horse friends, has both, but the bridle does not fit Jefferson and the saddle does not fit me! The saddle will take a little more work, but Mom has some ideas for the bridle. She says outfitting Jefferson and I for a ride will be as close as she will get to outfitting a horse and a rider for a while, so she will take what she can get. I will keep you all updated!

tn_2010-03-05 Horse Four Legged Family

For comparison, this is the newest photo of our four legged horse family. Harrison, Strawberry, Jefferson, Zelda, Washington, Sarina, and Pirouette all have been getting along. He helps the boy and girl balance in this family! The girls can’t gang up on the boys quite so much right now. For a while, Harrison was the only boy pony and the girls used to pick on him all the time! Now they are Jefferson is at least a good two or three inches taller then the other horses, therefore is much better suited for allowing me to ride! Charlotte, my giraffe friend, is still bigger though, and she makes sure that Jefferson knows that!

I have been enjoying reading my twitter page and chatting on the Bear Place lately. It is very nice to talk to like-minded plushies out there. Some of them go on grand adventures! While I would like to go outside more often, I am not so sure about all of the adventures! I am very much a home bear! Teddy and Nibs go to Las Vegas and Los Angeles! The green frog from the Unexpected Life of the the Green Frog goes to all sorts of places in Europe! Hm. I will have to ponder this—maybe I should start more locally! Hm, hm, hm!!


  1. just visiting all kinds of locations in your home town is fun too!

  2. Got a cute collection of horses or ponies