Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26th, 2010

On Mom’s twitter page this afternoon, there was an announcement from the people who make this website that my blog is hosted on, Blogger. They made this new program that allows people like my mom who don’t know much about computers and HTML to make their own template. Mom and I picked and chose and came up with this new design. You all will have to tell me what you think of it. Currently, Mom is a bit peeved about the column issue, and the fact that by readjusting the template, the justification of older posts seem to be gone.

These are things that annoy Mom—I’m mostly happy about the new background. It hasn’t been fall around here for a long time, and the header was very fall themed! Our Windows Live Writer also doesn’t seem to really bring the template over to the edit window like it did before, so we’re going to have to double check our formatting before we post. Mom did save the old template just in case, so we can return to it if this doesn’t work out.

Mom feels better—she thanks you all for your good wishes. She still has a bit of a cough, but her voice is back. It makes work a lot easier, so she is glad that she is back almost to full strength.

I’ve been really enjoying chatting at BearPlace. When Mom has the day off, my path usually crosses with my English friends. They are approximately six hours ahead of me. So when Mom has the day off and we are chatting in the mid-afternoon, they are all getting ready to go to bed. I am surprised about how many things are different over there, yet so many things are exactly the same!

tn_2010-03-25 Waiting for BearPlace Name

Speaking of my friends from BearPlace, they have helped me decide on a new friend’s name. Mom found this fellow at Goodwill a few days ago. My friends chose the name Jasper, and I think it suits him very well. He is a little shy right now, but he had lived in his previous home for quite some time before he was given up to Goodwill. We’ve been doing our best to reassure him that he will be in our hug for a very long time. Mom says that we just need to be supportive and he will realize that we are telling the truth!

Marlowe II


  1. What a nice new friend you have. And Jasper is a lovely name.

  2. it looks very different! I think it looks good, but I really have to get used to it I must confess.

  3. I like this template for hot summer because it feels very cooling. But the old template is also very nice! Difficult pick. Wanna have a vote again? :)

  4. We thought your blog was hosteded by Twitter. We're not on Twitter, and didn't respond, in the beginning, a'cuz it kept asking us for our Twitter account. Now we know, just hit "Cancel" and we can comment anyway. That's weird that it's Twitter AND Blogger!

    We like the new format, although the background stays still while the writing scrolls. Then again, we're like you - bears, who adapt quickly (unlike Peoples.)

    We like to change our background according to the time of year, too, but don't know how. We just updated though, so we're okey dokey until our garden really, really blooms. We like your spring look!

    And say Hi to Jasper!