Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29th, 2010

So, the general consensus is that the new blog look isn’t so bad. Mom is still torn between wanting to go back to the old one, but I think we’ll stay with this for a while. Since we did save it beforehand, we can always go back when it is fall again.

tn_2010-03-29 Going on an Adventure (3)Today, I had to perform one of the most important teddy duties—moral support. Mom had to return to her old apartment. For reasons she says are not important, it gives her a lot of grief. So Caleb and I got all bundled up to go out. We go inside Mom’s backpack. Being Mom, she is worried that we will get cold. She let me wear my bomber jacket though, so that made me happy.

While waiting for her mom to arrive, we went to a nearby park. There were plenty of people there, so I didn’t get to get out of the backpack. But it was nice to sit out there, and Mom packed some snacks! tn_2010-03-29 Going on an Adventure

I was a very brave bear, and we got through the entire thing. Mom says that the entire thing will be over soon. She says that I provided excellent moral support—and I told Caleb that he did a fine job giving me moral support as well!

While Mom has to work tomorrow, I am looking forward to Wednesday. She has the day off, and she thinks that the weather will be pleasant enough to go outside. She says that there are probably many green, growing things that we can take pictures of. On BearPlace, I am being the bird identification bear—so maybe I can take a picture of a bird and share information about it with you here. Mom has shared a lot of her nature knowledge with me and I like sharing it with you all!

Marlowe II


  1. Your new blog layout looks great, Marlowe!!! Sorry to hear about yer mama's grief!! Hugs to you all!!! PS I gots a bomber jacket like that too! YAY!! xo

  2. glad you could support your Mom. My owner likes it too when I'm there to support her when she has to do something she finds difficult or doesn't like.

  3. It's what bears do best. x

  4. I love your hat and bomber jacket. Your new blog is beary lovely.

  5. Yup! Nothing can go so wrong that a hug from a teddy bear can't help! That's our motto.