Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19th, 2010

Mom took me outside on St. Patrick’s Day when she was walking the dog around the property. It has been incredibly nice in Wisconsin lately, especially since it is just March. It has been around 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit (or 12-16 degrees Celsius). Mom says that March is usually cold and still rather snowy.

tn_2010-03-17 Marlowe (3) First we sat out on the porch for a while. It was such a pretty day that we wanted to listen to the birds. Mom pointed out the differences between the morning doves and the red-winged blackbirds.

tn_2010-03-17 Marlowe (4)I told Mom that I wanted to climb the tree, and she helped me up. But once I got up there, I was pretty scared! Mom was there all the time, so I wasn’t in any danger, but it’s awfully high up there!

tn_2010-03-17 Marlowe (5)After a bit, I got my courage back up again and let Mom take a picture of me. I like this tree—it’s a silver maple and it’s rather old.

tn_2010-03-17 Marlowe (6)  After a bit of walking around, we went and sat on the benches on the porch and listened to the birds some more. It was a very nice day. It’s sad that sometime this weekend that real Wisconsin March weather is supposed to come back! But spring will soon arrive for good and we will have more of these nice days to look forward to!

Marlowe II


  1. Marlowe,
    That is a very high tree. You were a beary brave bear.
    Looks like you took had a great time enjoying the nice weather. That same "not spring" weather is to come to Illinois too. Stay warm.

  2. Trees are amazing!!
    Glad to see you overcame your fear and climbed the tree.

  3. You had a really pawesome day. I hope, I will try to tree climb one day too. hugs

  4. Mweah!
    Dilly like lissen to wagon-berds too.
    Be nice ware Dilly liv too.
    Be warmer,
    hav ickol daffodillys com owt.

  5. You look so toasty warm Marlowe! I hope you're having a beary good day! ~ Teddy

  6. I like to climb in trees too! If you are very little like I am (10 cm) it's a good way to look around a bit further then I normaly can!

  7. We are excellent climbers, too. Mommy made us climbing rope! She crocheted it for us and added a big safety pin for a grappling hook at one end and a hoop at the other end to tie around us for tougher climbs. (If'n no one crochets or knits, you can braid sting, too. Or, if'n you can find it, just get strong enough string.) It makes tree climbing much easier, faster, and safer. And, we always keep it in our backpacks, just in case. Never know when you'll find a good climbing tree when out taking a walk.

    One last climbing hint - be careful climbing down, when you're out climbing with a dog near by. You just don't want to climb through wet spots at the bottom of the tree. Just saying. ;)

  8. I have fears and yet if I am careful, I can live life to the fullest, so this story was wonderful and sure blessed me and I don't mean bearly. I love to share how much I love these stories.