Sunday, November 01, 2009

November 1st 2009

2009-10-31 Marlowe in New Track SuitMy  mom is typing this for me. I wrote it down on a piece of paper, and she brought it to work with her so she could send this in via her work’s internet connection. Mom’s laptop is still broken—and the one that we had used to post the last entry isn’t too happy either. Fortunately, Mom took her mom’s functioning laptop to work today—and now our Windows Live Writer is set up.

This is my new outfit. Mom bought it for me so I’d have something different to sleep in. It’s very nice and warm. The label on it said that it was a track suit. I’m not quite sure what I am supposed to be tracking, but Mom says that it doesn’t matter. I think it looks awfully spiffy! Mom didn’t take a picture of any of the girls wearing their new outfit—mostly because she hasn’t had the chance. It’s a very nice blue dress, but I like my track suit more!2009-10-28 Coffee

This is one of my new friends. He’s not a Build-a-Bear—he’s a Russ Berrie. We decided to post a picture of him because he looks a lot like a friend of ours named Behr. He has a blog that he shares with several other travel bears at New Mexico Travel Bear. My new bear’s name is Coffee. Mom thinks that Coffee is a little bit bigger then Behr, but they share the same maker! I’m glad that Coffee came to our home. He is from a thrift store. Mom rescued him along with another bear.

Mom will post more pictures later. She will at least post some of them to the Picasca site related to this blog. I don’t know when Mom’s computer will come back from the fixing shop, but I hope soon! I miss writing on my blog all the time! I also like reading other plushies’ blogs! I guess some good things have come with the lack of computer. We’ve been watching movies, reading more books, and talking a lot more. Mom says that it is good to break some of our dependence on the computer—but I’m not sure how much fun that is!

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  1. Looking good in your new track suit - you look like a racing driver in it to me! Hope you Ma gets the computers sorted out again real soon. xx