Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23rd, 2009

My Mom has discovered something new. It’s called a MyLiveSignature and it’s pretty nifty!tn_2009-11-23 Robinson and His Family It’s basically a picture of my signature! Well, it’s not my real signature, but the one that Mom and I chose to be most like it. I’ve seen some of the people who appear in my Google Reader have their signatures.

Mom gathered Robinson and his family downstairs tonight. The picture is Robinson on the upper left, Hyacinth next to him, and then Friday sitting on the first row and Saffron. They have decided that Saffron is Hyacinth’s cousin, and therefore Robinson and Friday’s. We like keeping things straight around here! It does make Robinson the older brother of sorts (he is Friday’s older brother) of three plushies! Maybe I should be glad that I am the middle brother. On occasion, Foster and Mom want me to make sure that Chloe stays out of trouble! Robinson has to watch three! (Mom and all of us other plushies watch all the little folk as a group most of the time!)

Mom is currently on She wants the Jedi Knight Star Wars costume. Our BAB is not one of the select stores that are supposed to carry. She says that I can help her look, but she doesn’t want me to know how she is going to pay for it. She says that she sees tales on some of the mailing lists of plushies and other companions buying things with their mom or dad’s credit cards! I would never do that—but I admit it would be VERY tempting!

Marlowe II


  1. Do you have a tame knitter? This is the pattern that Madame used for Coco's jumper - Monkster's Sweater - very simple and an excellent fit for Build-A-Bear types.

  2. Tis good, issent it, that signacher thing? Hehe!