Monday, November 02, 2009

November 2nd, 2009

tn_2009-10-26 Meredith This is our new friend, Meredith. I mentioned her in the post from a few days ago. She is a very nice girl bear, but very quiet. Chloe tells me that she is intimidated by all the new plushies. She has never met so many new friends before. Chloe reassured her that we were all very nice, but I guess it will take her a while to really get used to us. Mom reminded me that some plushies come from one bear families and do not have as many friends or siblings as we do. I hope that she will learn that we are all very nice soon! I like making new friends. She seems to like Chloe a great deal, so I guess we can start there.

Mom found a red tree! Well, it’s more of a red bush. They are called ‘burning bushes’ or eastern wahoo. tn_2009-10-26 Burning BushThey spend most of their year being an ordinary green bush—nothing too special at all. But then during fall, they turn a brilliant shade of red. Mom found this bush near her school.  It has stayed bright red for quite some time. Mom is very impressed!

How was your Halloween? Ours was pretty calm. Mom had to work during the day, but by the time that any trick-or-treating would have happened, it was raining. I do love candy, but it’s not worth going out in the rain. Especially when Mom’s got plenty of candy here! No trick-or-treaters braved the elements and our long driveway to come to get any candy! We did all get dressed up in our costumes. It would have been a waste to not use them somehow!tn_2009-10-26 Burning Bush Leaves

What is your favorite kind of candy? We’ve had plenty of different choices in the past couple of days. Grandma bought Nestle crunch bars and M&Ms for any trick-or-treaters, and Mom’s got Dove dark chocolate pieces for herself. I think that I like M&Ms the best—but don’t tell Mom. Her favorite is the dark chocolate pieces.

Most of the leaves are gone on the trees surrounding the house. It’s kind of pretty—in a desolate kind of way. We can also now see the road—which is useful when you are waiting for Mom’s cab. Granted, the evergreens that are in front of the barn cover the view of the road from the direction that they come—so it’s not quite as useful as we’d hope!


  1. Hello Meredith! Isn't she sweet?!

  2. Hope Chole like being with her new friends.

    Find the burning bush to be a interesting plant