Sunday, November 08, 2009

November 8th, 2009

tn_2009-11-01 Apples (6) Gosh, it’s so nice to have Fred-the-laptop back. Mom is in such a better mood when she’s got a a working computer to play with. She still glares at him occasionally, and saved her last homework assignment on her thumb-drive thing, but she’s getting better. I think she’ll feel a lot better with it all once she gets the portable hard-drive backup program working. Then she won’t worry about losing her work.

Tonight, after doing her homework, she was showing me how to add plug-ins on our Windows Live Writer. We’ve got our Wikipedia link plug-in and I picked a smiley one—but it’s broken. I will try to download another plug-in later.

This is a picture of some apples that grew on one of our trees out front. It was a little tree—probably no more than eight feet tall. It had the largest apples in the entire orchard! Mom took me outside to see them—they were the nicest colors. A lot of the other trees’ apples had worm holes in them. (No one sprays them for that sort of thing.) This tree’s apples were almost all perfect! We ate one—well, I had a little piece because I am a little bear and it was very good.

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