Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20th, 2009

My mom and I helped my little sister Chloe set up her own blog on the Bear Club. I wanted her to stop asking me to post things on here—and Mom wanted her to have some place safe to write. She says that it is best for a little girl bear to have some place where things are read over before they’re allowed to be posted. It’s a mom thing, I guess.  But now instead of asking me to post things on this blog, she’s annoying me about checking her blog for comments. Sigh. Sisters!

tn_2009-11-20 Marlowe (2)Mom went to Build-a-Bear yesterday. She bought some clothes for the girls, but also bought me a new jacket. It’s supposed to be related to their Hal and Holly Moose movie. It feels down-filled and very warm. It also came with some very cool goggles. Mom says that they are skiing goggles. I told her that now she has to buy me some skis! She said that we’d wait till there’s snow on the ground and then she’d consider! But with the way the weather is like around here in Wisconsin, we’ll have quite a wait! I think I should get them now and practice skiing on piles of blankets, but she doesn’t think so! (Although BAB does have a snowboard. Hm!)

My mom has a cold. I am glad that bears don’t get colds. She seems to be pretty miserable unless she takes some medicine. I try to do my best to help her, but sometimes she does have to go to work—where I cannot go. Well, I have gone to her work once, but I had to stay in her backpack. (I did provide support, but it’s hard to really help.) I’m in charge of the regular bear duties—like comfort when Mom’s sick, but with the added on task of Kleenex supply. (It does get me off homework bear duty though—she’s in no mood to do chemistry!) What do you bears do to help your moms or dads through sickness?


  1. Marlowe,
    I hope your mommy feels better in time for Thanksgiving.

    Besides passing the Kleenex box, I make sure mom has plenty of chicken soup or chicken broth. If you want a couple of good recipes email me. Mom said I could share them with you.

    Nice ski goggles you got there. Did you get any boots? Boots are important for winter.


  2. Hope she get better

    Be careful sking