Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14th, 2009

tn_2009-10-18 Pamela and Gabriel_edited-1Things have been pretty quite around here lately. Mom finished uploading all the pictures to the Picasa folder and has labeled everyone. She’s been spending a lot of time at work. I hope that this Christmas season goes by quickly! It stresses her out a lot.

In an attempt to help Mom feel better, we decided that I would share a happy story with you. A few weeks ago, Mom found a Build-a-Bear at Goodwill that looked awfully familiar. On a whim, she brought him home. It turned out that the bear’s name was Gabriel, and he was the long-lost brother of one of my friends in our family, Pamela. They were very glad to see each other! Don’t they look happy! Mom was glad to be able to reunite a family!

tn_2009-06-27 Floppy Pony Family_edited-1It was kind of like when Mom found Friday, Robinson’s little brother—or Hyacinth, their cousin! Mom recently found a horse that might be their cousin as well—they’ve been trying to figure out how they might be related. It seems like a lot of Build-a-Bear plushies are related! Her name is Saffron. Unfortunately, there really doesn’t seem to be a registry for plushies like there is for human births, so they’ve got to somehow figure it out.  I think she kind of looks like both Robinson and Friday and Hyacinth, so I think they’re related. She actually kind of looks like she’s part Robinson’s family and part Hyacinth’s family! What do you think? Granted, it really doesn’t matter! We’re all part of the big family no matter what.

tn_2009-11-07 SaffronWe are making plans for Thanksgiving. Since some of my friends are birds, we really can’t have turkey. We’ve decided that potatoes, stuffing, and other vegetables are good though. Does your family have any plans? Mom and her parents are going to go up north to be with her grandmother on Thanksgiving day. I hope I get to go with like I did at the birthday party. That was grand fun!

We’re currently watching a special on the Food Network about the history behind the traditional meal of Thanksgiving. It’s making us very hungry! Mom especially wants stuffing, while I’m tempted by the green bean casserole. It’s so long until Thanksgiving! Mom says that it’s the same kind of food that they will serve at Christmas, so we’ll get two times to eat all that good stuff!

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  1. It nice of you to give them a new home.