Saturday, August 08, 2009

August 8th 2009

It’s been a stormy day today. There was a humdinger of a thunderstorm this morning, but by the afternoon it was nice and sunny. But after supper time, it was all gray and dreary again. Now it’s storming again. I don’t like thunderstorms. They don’t scare me as much as keep me awake. This morning, we all woke up despite the fact that we had more time to sleep.

Mom went shopping yesterday and bought me a new outfit from Build-a-Bear. It’s an aviator outfit. I will try it on and get my picture taken soon. It has a leather helmet and aviator glasses. The glasses aren’t quite as cool as the ones that our friend Nate came from Goodwill with. They’re still plenty cool. Mom might go back to Build-a-Bear and buy a t-shirt with an airplane on it.

I thought I would introduce another of our friends today. Shirley is a spring lamb from Build-a-Bear. Mom got her a couple of years ago from the Build-a-Bear store. Shirley is one of Fleur and Chloe’s friends. She like flowers and gardening. We went out to the garden once together, although she wasn’t able to get too dirty since she’s all white!

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