Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 30th, 2009

Mom says that she knows that she mentioned that she wasn’t going to have enough time to blog. She says that it cheers her up to help me blog here, so she’s been making time for it. She had ‘one of those days’ at work, so blogging will cheer her up some. I’m lucky that bears rarely have ‘one of those days’ at work, and since I don’t have a job, I don’t think that will be happening to me any time soon.

She did do some of her homework today, so I guess I’m not being lax in my duties as homework bear. We’re currently watching Iron Chef America. We’re watching it because Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto is on. He was on the original Iron Chef. Mom used to watch it when she was younger. I think it is interesting, but the food on it is very bear-unfriendly! Today’s food—coconut—is not a really bear friendly food. (Yeah! Iron Chef Morimoto won!!)

tn_2009-08-28 Princess_edited-1

This is Princess. She is our Mom’s dog. She is our buddy when we sit downstairs and watch TV. She also likes the pizza—and several other human foods. Her favorite treat though is liver treats. We share the pizza, but I don’t want to share the liver treats! We also share cheese, crackers, and toast. Sometimes, we will also share blankets. She loves blankets as much as Mom and I do. I like cuddling under the blankets—she mostly just wants to be on the top of them. This is usually a good thing, because she’s a very warm dog—good for snuggling on cold days!

Mom says that it is time to go to bed. She’s got to go to school in the morning!

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  1. Grr Marlowe,
    Being Homework Monitor is a hard job. Glad that helping you blog cheers your mom. I imagine that she is cheered while doing her homework when she looks up and sees your encouraging face. I hope you never have "one of those days" as Homework Monitor.

    Hope your mom's dog treat you and the other bears kindly? Some dogs can behave roughly with bears.
    Have a great day,