Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23rd, 2009

tn_2009-08-22 Lotus_edited-1Last night, she went thrifting and came home with two new friends.  One of our new friends is Lotus. She is a Champs Build-a-Bear. If you made a Champs bear at Build-a-Bear, some money was donated to a children’s charity. Mom found her that dress in her supply of bear-sized clothes. It has ducks on it! Lotus says that she is glad to find a new home. She thinks that it is cool that she is going to be able to make so many new friends. Taft, one of our resident bears, says that he will watch over her until she gets settled. I usually wouldn’t introduce someone so brand new until they got settled, but I thought it wouldn’t be fair to introduce the next teddy without introducing Lotus first.
tn_2009-08-22 Briggs_edited-1I now would like to introduce Briggs. I am introducing him here because I was wondering if any of you knew what kind of Build-a-Bear he was. He has the proper tag, but Mom has never seen him. A lot of my Build-a-Bear friends have species name—like how Lotus is a Champ bear. (I was bought at Steins, so I don’t have a species name.) But since Mom has never seen the kind of bear that Briggs is before, he doesn’t. She thought if I introduced him here that one of you guys might know. She does have a Build-a-Bear book that she can consult--- once she finds it! Briggs has quite easily fit in with our big boy bears. That’s what I call them. tn_2009-08-22 Briggs and Marlowe_edited-1They’re almost twice my size! Most of the Build-a-Bear plushies can fit all the same clothes, but not these guys. Mom bought a little boy’s shirt just for Briggs so he’d have something to wear! If you notice, he’s pretty much too big around for that shirt even! I introduced Briggs to other big boy bears.
Roscoe is an American Eagle bear that Mom found at Goodwill a long time ago. He likes playing soccer. In fact, if anyone wants to play any kind of outdoor game, he is ready. We’ve played baseball outside for hours! Roscoe came to our family wearing a rugby shirt and holding a duffle bag. Mom gave him this soccer t-shirt because it fit him much better.Taft is a standing polar bear Build-a-Bear. (We also have Sullivan, who is a Build-a-Bear polar bear, but he stands on four feet.)  tn_2009-08-22 Roscoe, Briggs, and Taft_edited-1Mom thought that he was the biggest Build-a-Bear that they made! He’s almost as big as Briggs, but not quite. Mom thinks he’s probably taller then Briggs, but Briggs certainly has more heft! It’s an okay thing for a teddy bear to have. It’s much more to hug! But everyone’s special in their own way, so we’re all needed.
We wanted to write a long-ish entry because on Tuesday, Mom goes back to school. There is still plenty of time for hugs and attention, since we all can sit with her when she does her homework. There won’t be quite as much time to blogging time though, since she should be working on her homework when she is sitting on the computer. It’s actually part of our job as plushies to make sure she stays on task!

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