Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 16th 2009

75bb51c88da053f06a18d110.L Mom, Milton, Caleb, and I are listening to an audio book. Apparently, they hire people to read books out loud and record them. We’re listening to the book, Phantom Tollbooth. This was one of Mom’s favorite books as a little girl. I am enjoying it. It is about a little boy, mathematics, words, knowledge, and wisdom. It’s really too complex to explain without giving the plot away.

Listening to an audio book is strange. It sort of makes me tired. Listening to someone talk for so long is very soothing. It kind of makes me tired. But I want to pay attention to the story, so it’s very strange. Mom has another audio book of our favorite author, Kevin Henkes. Maybe we’ll listen to that next. The Phantom Tollbooth is four hours long though. After all that, we’ll be awfully tired—maybe we would just sleep through the Kevin Henkes book. That wouldn’t be a good thing! Maybe we’ll listen to some other things beforehand!

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