Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10th, 2009

tn_2009-08-09 Marlowe in New Bomber Jacket_edited-1Last night, Mom, Milton, Robinson, and I tried on the new aviator jacket, goggles, and helmet. Well, I guess Mom didn’t try it on! The three of us tried it on because it didn’t completely fit any one of us! I fit the jacket. It’s lined and everything. I especially like the scarf that came with it. The helmet’s ear-holes are too small for my ears, and my eyes are too close together for the goggles. I still think I look pretty neat in it.  tn_2009-08-09 Milton in New Bomber Jacket (2)

Milton tried it on, and he fit the helmet better then me. He has littler ears. He fit the jacket too. He says that he likes the helmet. Mom let him sit in front of the fan, and it looks like he’s being blown away by the wind. It makes the scarf look like it’s flapping in the wind.  His eyes are too close together for the goggles too—but his head seems to be big enough to hold them up. (They just slipped down on my head!)

Finally, Robinson tried it on. His eyes seem to be the right distance apart, but the helmet leaves space on top of his head! tn_2009-08-10 Robinson in New Bomber Jacket (2)_edited-1After all that trying on, Mom says that we’re lucky that we don’t really mind if it sort of doesn’t really fit the three of us. However, there are plenty more plushies who want to try to wear it! Maybe one of us will fit it right!

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