Monday, September 07, 2009

September 7th, 2009

tn_2009-09-04 Ted's Grandview (2)_edited-1Yesterday was very quiet. I admit that I like quiet days the best of all. Especially quiet Sundays. Mom and I worked on her homework during the morning, but she had to go to work in the afternoon. When she was gone, Robinson, Milton, Foster, Caleb and I mostly just sat on the couch and watched the world around us. We watched a little TV. We like watching the History Channel, especially the shows about the Civil War. I have to admit that I took a pretty long nap in the middle of the afternoon because it was so quiet!

And then Mom came home, and we checked our email and other various computer related things. She got woken up by her allergies this morning. She decided that this would be time well spent composing an entry for my blog, and I agree!

This is a picture of the Wolf River in Wisconsin. Doesn’t it look peaceful? I like sitting outside. I like the water, although I do admit I stay a respectably distance away from it. Teddy bears and water don’t mix well! Maybe I can go out in a boat. If I have a seat to sit on, I won’t fall in. Hm—maybe I can have a seat that I’m buckled in! That would be better!

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  1. Marlowe,
    The picture of the Wolf River does look peaceful. Did you show it to Timber? I hope if you do go out in a boat you have a life jacket just in case.

    You are right about the water and teddy bears, I've been there a few times in my life. The water is okay, it's the spin in the washer and the tumble on air fluff in the dryer that's murder on the seams.