Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th, 2009

Mom has today off from work! She says that it has something to do with the Labor Day holiday, but I’m not going to complain. Things are much more interesting when Mom’s around. She’s much more able to get us different books to read, different television channels to watch, and different things to talk about!

Image from Wikipedia Commons Today we were talking about fall. I like trees, and I like it when they change colors. Mom explained to me why trees turn different colors and it’s very interesting.  Most of our trees in our front yard turn yellow. Some of them just turn brown. Mom says that trees can turn red, orange, or yellow. I want to see a tree that turns red. I’ve seen pictures of them on the internet. Do the trees where you live turn any pretty colors?

The apples in the small orchard in our front yard are turning colors now too. Mom says that some of them aren’t meant for eating—some of them are meant for making into pies or applesauce. No matter what they’re meant for, I think it sounds good. We were going to go outside to the orchard today, but she fell asleep by mistake. Since I fell asleep too, I really can’t be too angry!

My job as homework bear is going well. She has been doing all her homework on time. We spent some time today doing homework. While I love learning, I’m glad that teddy bears don’t usually have a lot of homework. We do have classes sometimes—we all help each other learn new things. Milton and Fleur, who are older then me, help some of the younger plushies learn. But on the Bear Club, one of my friends has to go to school every weekend for five hours! On both days! The school even has a website and a teacher. He looks kind of scary to me—but Mom says that he’s probably a very nice fellow. I’m glad that my mom and friends are my teachers!


  1. Hi Marlowe,
    Hope you are having a nice afternoon.

    Trees in our yard turn yellow too. But there is a tree in our next door neighbors backyard that turns red. I can't wait to see it this year. We have a burning bush out back too, mom grew it from just a sprout in a box. That turns a beautiful red. I love the reds and oranges of fall. Wish we were going leaf peeping in New England this year, but I'm pretty sure we aren't.

    Your friend Buttons

  2. Hello Marlowe, I believe you have lovely coloured leaves in your country in Fall.
    Here in England we call Fall 'Autumn' - it has an 'n' on the end but we just say 'Autum' because it's easier that way.
    We have some super colours, mostly orangy, coppery, yellowy with a bit of red sometimes in peoples' gardens. Virginia Creeper is a climbing plant that goes a wonderful colour. If I see any red leaves i'll take pictures.
    Bye for now x