Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14th, 2009

Just a quick note—since we really ought to be going to bed! Mom had a pretty full day at school, plus she returned with a whole new sheet of chemistry problems to complete. tn_2009-09-09 Rush Lake Field Trip (1)_edited-1

Our attempts to find a tree that has turned red is not going well—but Mom says that it’s merely the beginning of fall, so we’ve got some time yet. She is keeping an eye out for us when she is going on her field trips for school. She’s got this week off the trip, but is going to a forested area the week after that. I hope she can find one to show me.

This is a photo of where she went last week. It’s a place called Rush Lake. It’s more of a marsh—that big green and yellow field is actually the marsh itself. The government around there is trying to make it look like it did in the olden days—when it was half marsh and half open water. Mom got to listen to a guy talk about the project that is going to make it work. We thought that you might like to see that picture, although it doesn’t have much to do with the plushies who live here!

Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet. We’ve been reading some books that Mom brought home from work. They’re about a goose named Gossie and her friend named Gertie. The one that we have is just called Gossie, and it’s about how Gossie meets Gertie and the fun they share with Gossie’s red boots!

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