Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29th, 2009

I recently got a comment about my ‘Little Monster’ t-shirt—and Mom thought she would share where she buys most of our clothes. Some of our fancy clothes come from Build-a-Bear, but most of our sleeping clothes come from Goodwill. (The ‘Little Monsters’ t-shirt came from Target though!) Most of my Build-a-Bear friends and I can fit baby clothes—mostly preemie and 0-3 months. The ‘Little Monsters’ t-shirt, for instance, is folded up under the edge so it looks like it fits me better. Milton’s pajamas though fit him without any alteration. Mom likes it when she finds baby clothes that we fit because she says that they wear better. I’m not quite sure what that means, but she says that you might.

tn_2009-07-29 Ruby (2)_edited-1 I thought I would introduce—or reintroduce my friend Ruby. She was my little sister Chloe’s friend first, but we get along just fine. She’s a Build-a-Bear bunny much like our new friend Migu Jade. Ruby loves listening to classical music, reading books about princesses and rabbits, and singing. She also likes to wear fancy bows on her ears. We get along so well because we both like music. While our music tastes differ some, we can talk a long time. Ruby was Mom’s very first Goodwill rescue. She saw her in the Easter plushies! Mom said that it was fate that she saw her there and didn’t pass her up! I’m glad that Mom found her there! She’s a real good friend to Chloe. Sometimes, Chloe, Ruby, and Fleur can talk for hours and hours and hours! It keeps us awake until Mom tells them to quiet down!tn_2009-04-12 Easter Rabbits_edited-1

The other picture is of Ruby and some of her bunny friends. The lad on the left is Perth and the other girl is Dinah. We’ve got a few other Build-a-Bear bunnies around here. The next time we have a photo session around here, Mom can take a picture of all of them. Ruby is definitely the leader among the bunny plushies. She can sometimes get kind of bossy—but don’t tell her that I said that!

The weather is definitely getting colder around here. There is a frost advisory for our area tonight. The plants on the porch are covered up, but if it does freeze that would mean the end of the garden. Mom says that we’ve had enough produce to last us for a while, but I do like seeing the plants grow. Mom has been spending a lot of time outside for school, but still hasn’t seen a tree that has changed to red. She’s seen a few trees that have red and green on them though. That might have to be good enough!


  1. Very interesting! There's a fairly large Goodwill in my town, so I'll have to check it out soon.

    Ruby sounds like quite the fascinating bunny! I love the outfit she has on in those pictures. Please do tell her I said "hi." =)

    Oh, I love cool fall weather! I hope you'll get to enjoy your garden a while longer before it turns too cold.

  2. My bears have had some lovely baby dresses from what we call 'charity shops' here in the UK. I like to knit and crochet for the bears too!

  3. Mummy haff mayke most Dilly clothes as ownly be littol.

    Com see funny cartoon on Dilly blog!