Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25th, 2009

Greetings! We’re all more awake and ready to blog around here today. Mom is feeling much better and much more willing to help me type the evening away.  She says that the problem before was merely staying awake for the entire time that I wanted to type. It takes me quite some time to type! I’ve gotten better since I’ve been blogging more often. While it’s not as fast as Mom types, it’s much faster then the hunting and pecking thing I was doing before.

The book that we wanted to share with you is called Waddle! and it is by a gentleman named Rufus Seder. It is on among other places. The pictures move when you open the book and close it. The author has two other books, Gallop! and Swing! but they’re both in black and white. Waddle! is in color! Apparently this gentleman has a company where he sells his art!

tn_2009-09-25 Tilia (3)_edited-1

This is our new friend. Her name is Tilia, and she is a Katie Liv Doll. Mom didn’t know if we should announce her arrival here, since it’s just plushies on here, but I told her that I didn’t mind. She is the only doll in a house full of plushies, so we’re working making her feel welcome. Mom has sort of wanted a poseable doll such as Tilia for a long time, but she was unable to afford the fancy ones that star in some of the blogs that we read. A while ago, on one of the mailing lists that we read, there was a mention that these were coming out! So she ordered one and she’s here. It didn’t take as long as some of the adoptions that we read about, but it was a long enough wait!

tn_2009-09-25 Getting Out_edited-1Caleb took her out with him when Mom went out for Friday night fish and I am afraid it didn’t go too well. She really didn’t like the ride in the purse. She says that she would much rather go for a trip in something a lot more sturdy. Caleb didn’t quite understand why she would care so much—since going on a trip is so exciting. Mom explained to him that sometimes, for girls, keeping tidy is more important than any kind of adventure. Sometimes, I don’t understand girls! I’d love to be able to go out to supper with Mom, even if it’s just in a backpack! I would love to go for the car ride alone! Not to mention all the cool things that would be at the restaurant! But Mom says that everyone finds different things fun, and Tilia doesn’t want to get all messed up! At least Caleb still wants to go. He thinks that all the tumbling around is part of the fun!

tn_2009-09-25 Marlowe_edited-1 This is me in my new shirt. Mom bought it at Target. For a moment, I thought she meant that I was a monster, but she says that it’s just a funny thing. I like the little Frankenstein creature that is the ‘O’ in monsters! Do any of you dress up for Halloween? I don’t have a Halloween costume exactly—I have plenty of t-shirts and the like. One of my bear friends, Sanna, has a Halloween witch costume that I will show you one day. Bentley, our new kennel pal friend, has a glow in the dark cape. Hm. I think those are the only Halloween costumes we have! Maybe we’ll have to fix that! Maybe I could be a wizard for Halloween! Or a firefighter! There are lots of possibilities! Maybe Mom will buy me the Iron Man costume at Build-a-Bear! That would be pretty sweet!


  1. Marlowe,
    Girls are funny that way. They don't want to get their hair or fur messed up. Riding around in a backpack or tote bag as we do is kind of fun, as long as we aren't overcrowded. I hope Tilia will be happy with all of you stuffies.

    Have a great weekend, help mom get her homework done.

    I saw a tree starting to turn red today.


  2. Hey there, Marlowe! Thanks for following me! =D

    I second Buttons' reply - lots of girls only prefer the kinds of adventure that allow them to "hold their look," so to speak. But then there are girls like me who are still concerned about their appearance but don't mind a little mussed fur/hair now and then while adventuring. ^^

    Ohmygosh. Since when is one able to find clothes our size at Target? That shirt is awesome. -makes mental note-

    Migu Jade

  3. i have looking for my daughter's lost teddy bear for the past 5 years...She lost it here in florida ni a hotel we had to go to when we evacuated the area because of a hurricaine and all...she been devasted ever since..this "Marlow" bear is the exact kind and was wondering if any body knew what kind he is as i would like to replace it...or at least try to anyways...any ideas would be much email addy is : thank you for any info...caio