Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16th, 2009

tn_2009-09-16 Marlowe and his Journal (4)_edited-1 I have some exciting news today! Mom went shopping today and came back with a journal, just my size! She says that I can write in it instead of posting on here—I sometimes have something to say, but don’t want to post it since it’s just a little thought! I can’t say that I have anything to write that’s too private to post on here, but I do have plenty of little bear-thoughts that I don’t want to bother you all with! So now I can have my very own book to write in. They came in packs of two, so I have another one for whatever I want. Mom says that writing my school-work in it would be a good idea. (I write it on pieces of loose leaf paper now.)tn_2009-09-16 Marlowe and his Journal (2)_edited-1 I think it would be cool to see the progress that I make throughout the school year. Mom says that I will soon be able to start writing things in cursive. I am sure that there will be a big difference between my first attempts and after a couple pages of practice.

I had trouble thinking of what to say, but once I started, words came quickly! It didn’t take me very long to fill the entire page. Mom had to help me spell a few words. I didn’t make any mistakes though that we had to go after and fix. I still think I will write it in pencil. It’s much neater when you have to worry about your fur getting dirty. I don’t want to have to wash my hands after every time I want to write in my journal. Ink spots are unsightly!tn_2009-09-16 Marlowe and his Journal (3)_edited-1

I don’t know if I should hide my journal. I don’t think I have anything that I don’t want my siblings and friends to read, but it would still be strange if I found out that anyone read it! Do you think I should hide it somewhere? There are plenty of hiding places around here. Robinson, who is my best friend, says that I should hide it. He says that I should hide it so no one can write in it. He says that all that blank paper would be too tempting!

I was thinking about having a travel journal—sort of like a travel teddy. I could write something in one that talked about where I lived and what happens around here. And then I could mail it to a new teddy and they could write something in it about where they live. There were plenty more of them at the place that Mom bought mine—or we could use a bigger notebook so it would be easier for the humans who have to help us write in them. Or maybe a blank book from the place that Mom works. Do you think that this is a good idea?


  1. Good Morning Marlowe!

    Sorry I have not called in for a few days, I blame Mother of course!

    I think having your own journel is very refined and what neat writing you have!
    As head of your Hug, it is acceptable to have secrets & hide your thoughts from prying eyes.
    It will also give you an aura of mystery too.

    The idea of a Travel Log, is a fine one - I will be only too happy to participate - only do not make it too small as Mothers eyes are not as young as your mothers!


  2. Hello Marlowe, That's neat writing! I like to use pencil too. I bet you could write poems in your journal too. Winnie the Pooh Bear used to write 'hums'.

  3. A grayte idea, Marlowe!
    I startid off wiv payper diarys befor goin on the net. Payper diarys ar grayte cos yu can sit up in bed an reed them. I still sit an reed sum ov mine to see wat I yewst to get up to. It can be kwite a giggol.

    Wy not hav sum daily scores like I do? Yu cud say how menny times yu did a seecrit fart, for exampol, or wether yor best tv program waz on that day. Or how menny biskits yu had. Yum! Hehe!